Canada, Here We Come!

It’s late September. For any self-respecting anti-virus researcher this is the time of year when one thinks about the Virus Bulletin Conference. Am I going? Who else is going? Should we organize some extra meetings? When? Where?  Is my presentation ready? What’s the program? What will be the entertainment during the gala dinner? The closer to the date the more excitement is building up in the air.

This year, this most important anti-malware conference takes place on 1-3 October, in Ottawa, Canada.

The Virus Bulletin magazine is always of a high technical standard and its annual conferences have always supported that reputation. The magazine content is carefully selected and reviewed, and the same goes for the conference papers and presentations.

To have one’s paper accepted and to have an opportunity to present the results of your research in front of hundreds of the industry people is an important event for any serious anti-malware researcher. The competition is always tough.

That’s why I am so excited (and also proud) that the MMPC Lab in Melbourne has managed to produce three high quality research papers that were accepted and will be presented in Ottawa next week (not bad for our relatively small team down under, I reckon).

On Wednesday, October 1, in the so-called Technical stream, Matt McCormack will speak on the relationship between the anti-malware disinfection and malware development. His paper is titled:  “When the hammer falls - effects of successful widespread disinfection on malware development and direction”.

On Friday, October 3, in the Corporate stream, Chun Feng will present his research into criminal activities related to the online gaming, in his talk “Playing with shadows - exposing the black market for online game password theft”.

On the same day, in the Technical stream, Raymond  Roberts will deliver his presentation on the internals of the malware production process, which is titled: “Malware development life cycle”.

I’ve read all these papers and have seen the presentation previews – they are all interesting and of an excellent standard.

In addition to our speakers, we also have about ten more members from our team attending the event. We’re looking forward to meeting other participants from the industry and listening to their presentations.

For the detailed program which also includes the keynote address and the last minute presentations visit

-Jakub Kaminski

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