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Here I am at Microsoft, where I've spent a very pleasant nearly three months already, which seems to be one of the industry's best kept secrets.  It's been a while since I last posted about the EOF/DoomRiderz/rRlf zine, and I'm still waiting for what is essentially the remaining formal virus-writing groups to release it.  My previous post (Notes from the Underground) caused quite a stir among both the media (for example, here) and the groups themselves.  The post was about how the traditional virus-writing groups are disappearing, as the members leave the scene, only to be replaced by criminals.  The oldskool viruses are becoming a thing of the past, and money is the new motivation.

The image of the old groups disappearing certainly resonated within the media.  It's not quite as glamorous as the end of the Vikings or the Samurai, but some people might find some similarities.  On the other hand, there were several posts on the EOF forum of the "let's show them" type, all written of course by people who wouldn't be doing the coding themselves.
Now the last hope for these formal virus-writing groups worldwide is diminished that much more, and the EOF/DoomRiderz/rRlf alliance is broken.  rRlf has announced their withdrawal from the project "because of various reasons", according to their website (which we can translate as "because all of our members are inactive and no-one wrote anything").
The ambiguous phrasing on the EOF site regarding the contribution deadline could mean that either the actual deadline will be the end of June, or a future deadline will be _announced_ at the end of June.  I suppose that they mean the former, but we will see.  It's been a month since that entry was added, and the EOF discussion forum has been dead for a week.  It's not looking good for them.
It's a funny coincidence that EOF often stands for "End Of File".


- Peter Ferrie

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