Setup PXE service point on Windows Server 2008 R2

Install Windows Deployment Services (WDS)

Start Administrative Tools \ Windows PowerShell Modules (Run as Administrator)

> Add-WindowsFeature WDS

> WDSUTIL /initialize-server /reminst:<X>:\Remoteinstall

If WDS is running on the same box as DHCP:

> WDSUTIL /set-server /DHCPoption60:yes

> WDSUTIL /set-server /usedhcpports:no

Add the PXE service point

Distribute both x64 and x86 Boot Images to both SMSPXEIMAGES$ ditribution point and standard distribution point

Verify that they are distributed

SMSPXEIMAGES$ ditribution point = X:\Remoteinstall\SMSIMAGES\SMSPKG


Standard distribution point = X:\SMSPKGE$



Advertise a task sequence to all unknown computers or a collection with a computer that you want to target

Comments (3)
  1. anonymouscommenter says:

    Hi Martin,

    The bootimages should only be placed on the SMSPXEIMAGES$ Distribution Point. There is no need to place the bootimage on the standard Distribution Point.

    Gr D.

  2. Martin Modin says:

    Hi D. Aartman. This article was written for ConfigMgr 2007 and back then you were required to also put the boot images at any standard and branch DPs as well. (

  3. anonymouscommenter says:

    Hi Martin, The MS article indeed indicates that the boot image must also be distributed to the standard distribution point. I've never distributed it to a standard distribution points and it has alsways worked for me on al my PXE service points.

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