Should you use SQL 2005 SP2 with SCCM 2007?

Wade emailed me today with a problem. He was reading my guide to setting up SCCM properly and having issues with his SCCM 2007 install and why he was getting ODBC errors. He asked me whether you could use SQL 2005 SP2 in the installation rather than SP1 with all the hotfixes. The answer is…


SCCM 2007 RC1 and NAP integration first thoughts

So if you saw my last post on SCCM 2007’s install you’ll get the idea that I’m still somewhat unimpressed with the initial setup of the product. I think its still a little messy and requires knowledge outside of the prerequisite checker. Hopefully that improves as we move into RTM!  That said overall I am…


Getting SCCM 2007 RC1 to install and work properly

So a new version of SMS is dawning on us…and one that Im very excited about aside from the new name! It integrates very nicely with NAP which Ive blogged about before and Im keen to see the level of integration so Im having a play with it. In fact Phil Duff and I are…


MOM and SMS: Security Configuration

Scott asked: “…I’ve noticed that SQL Server 2000 services can be set with to run under a groupless user account with minimal permissions (the configuration wizard sets the permissions on resources that are required). What are minimum privileges required for each component of MOM and SMS to run properly in a similar manner?…” MOM has…


Zero Touch: March Infrastructure SIG

Tamas and Simon did a brilliant job at the recent Special Interest Group event and spoke on Zero Touch provisioning, a process for automated deployment and application managment of desktops. If you were at the event and want the slide deck, here it is!


TechEd 05 Planning AU and NZ: Server and Management Track

Ok. Starting planning for TechEd 2005 now. If you ever wanted to influence the content track for TechEd and see the session ideas here they are for the Server and Management Track. I have to severely prune these down so if youre up to it, I would like you to stack rank the top ten…


SMS BITS Client Support: Security Summit Q&A

Paul Kougi asked: “…I was wondering if it was possible to use bits downloading (with the BITS software pushed out) on an NT4 PC using the legacy client?…” BITS is only supported on Windows 2000 and higher. There are two clients, the Legacy client (which uses RPC communication only) and is supported for use on…