Network Access Protection: Configuration Screencasts

I showed this stuff at the Ready Tour we did around Australia late last year. A few people have asked me for more details so here they are. The scenarios Im showing in the two screencasts below are about IPSEC enforcement.The good thing about IPSEC is its based on machine to machine authentication. This allows…


Security Seminar Webcasts are live!

Yay! Im pleased to announce that the webcasts are live right now for the Security Seminar.The IT Pro track is here and contains Building and Managing a resilient Active Directory Infrastructure Building Identity Provisioning SolutionsServer and Domain Isolation: The Next Big Thing in Security and Infrastructure Integrity AssuranceBuilding an Agile Infrastructure to Support Secure Mobility The…


Come to the Security Interchange Event across Australia

Hey everyone – just wanted to let you all know that we have the Security Interchange event on in March. We wanted to change the event this year from the previous year’s Security Summit and provide a way of getting you more answers. Its going to be a like a chalktalk/panel discussion format – topics…


Melbourne event: TechNet Update! R2 and Security

Hey – Im running a TechNet Update in Melbourne like Ive done in Perth and Adelaide so far. We have a few places left, (around 60-70 actually) so if you want to come and listen to me speak on “DFS Replication and Setup in R2” aswell as “Windows Server 2003 SP1 Security Best Practises”…then register!!…


MOM and SMS: Security Configuration

Scott asked: “…I’ve noticed that SQL Server 2000 services can be set with to run under a groupless user account with minimal permissions (the configuration wizard sets the permissions on resources that are required). What are minimum privileges required for each component of MOM and SMS to run properly in a similar manner?…” MOM has…


MIIS Provisioning Event Demo

For those of you that have wondered what MIIS can do for you…Ive kinda bottled up a quick demo of a provisioning event from a SQL Table (HR source) to create an Active Directory object. This is a short blogcast Ive recorded based on my demo from the Security Summit in Australia. I went into…


MOM 2000 Upgrade – Security Summit Q&A

Jim Wadham asked: “Can we upgrade from MOM 2000 to MOM 2005 or will it require a fresh install?” The good news is that you can upgrade in place! I spoke to Tamas Horvath in the Microsoft Sydney office about it and he gave me the following information to further help you. Tamas writes “…The…


Security Summit – Perth

As promised, if you had questions from either of my sessions on SMS/MOM or Identity Management and you were in Perth, heres the place to post your comments against….fire away!


Windows Update Suggestions: Security Summit Q&A Feedback

Cristian also asked: “…When you configure it via GPO to update from your local WUS or SUS all the options become greyed out, which is fine.. However, I would appreciate a button with a Update from WUS/SUS now! in that area, this will help me a lot to make sure the settings are correct or…


SMS BITS Client Support: Security Summit Q&A

Paul Kougi asked: “…I was wondering if it was possible to use bits downloading (with the BITS software pushed out) on an NT4 PC using the legacy client?…” BITS is only supported on Windows 2000 and higher. There are two clients, the Legacy client (which uses RPC communication only) and is supported for use on…