Free Exchange 2007 Component Poster goes live!

From the same Microsoft Consulting Services team that brought you the Active Directory Component Jigsaw and the Windows Server 2008 Component Poster comes the Exchange Server 2007 Component Poster. Download it now! Its creation has been sponsored by the Exchange product team, Dell and the TechNet magazine and represents an awesome effort to help IT…


Blogcast: Exchange 2003 Mobile Services with Windows Mobile 5.0

Well I said to Brian Tucker that I’d do it. Here it is! Ive done a short three part blogcast on Exchange 2003 SP2’s mobile device setup. This includes the Exchange Server, the ISA Server 2004 configuration and the Windows Mobile 5.0 device. 1. Setting up the Exchange Server 2003 SP2 2. Adding ISA Server…


New Exchange Messaging Talk Website and Forums

Shaji Firoz, an Exchange guy in Singapore, emailed me recently to ask me what I thought of his new community website In short….IT ROCKS SHAJI!!! WELL DONE!! This is a great resource for anyone in the AsiaPac region and provides some essential Exchange resources and help. Take the time to register and have a…


Podcasts! Podcasts! AD, Exchange and SQL.

Well they look like overviews to me…but see if you like them!! Active Directory Fundamentals   Migrating from Windows NT Server 4.0 to Windows Server 2003   Best Practices for designing the Active Directory Structure   New Features of Windows Server 2003 Active Directory – Feature Based Based.mp3…


Exchange Blogcasts

Wow! We just released a whole bunch of blogcasts on Exchange. Now I dont have to do any Exchange ones! 🙂   Exchange 2003 Technical Overview Exchange 2003 Management. Exchange 2003 and Outlook 2003 Outlook Web Access. Exchange 2003 Security Features   Upgrading Exchange Server 5.5 to Exchange Server 2003 Exchange 2003 Requirements Exchange Deployment…


TechEd 2005 Content Planning: Messaging and Collaboration Stream

Next on the TechEd 2005 stream for comment is the Messaging and Collaboration track. As with the previous post, please feel free to provide your comments. Im going to make it easier though and just ask you to nominate the top three sessions that you want. If you can provide a “why” then please do…


Microsoft Exchange Server: Microsoft Exchange Server Best Practices Analyzer Tool

A very cool tool. If you ever wanted a tool that helped you analyse Exchange in the best way and according to Best Practises, then use this! Checks about 1200 config settings for you. Microsoft Exchange Server: Microsoft Exchange Server Best Practices Analyzer Tool