Setting up Softgrid 4.5 on Terminal Server 2008

In my last post I talked about Softgrid 4.5 on Terminal Servers as part of the screencast I did on configuring Terminal Server Gateway with ISA Server. Actually I only just slightly touched on it at the end so I thought for this screencast that Id show Softgrid a little more. This is a cool…


Setting Up Terminal Server Gateway with ISA Server

I was talking with a friend on mine, Ian, a few weeks ago – he was talking to me about security and approaches he was looking at. Without telling all the details, I talked to him about Terminal Services Gateway and how you can reverse proxy it with ISA Server. Personally I do this all…


Screencast: UAC Improvements in Vista SP1

Today I posted a short and sharp screencast just showing the differences in Vista RTM to Vista SP1 in UAC prompting. We have worked hard in making sure that the original intent of system integrity is preserved though sometimes excessive prompting was occurring for a single task. My screencast shows this difference and how we…


Screencast: Vista SP1 outperforms Windows XP in network IO

Yesterday I published a new screencast to the new TechNet Edge site at Here’s the blurb below that I put with it. Its interesting that people seem to think that Vista under performs in every area of the system which is quite an incorrect perception. In this demo I show how Vista outperforms Windows…


IIS 7.0 Webcasts live on the web

A whole bunch of IIS 7 webcasts just released. Yeah I know it all says 9:30am Pacific time – which means about midnight Perth time, much of Asia and worse about 2am in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane etc Im sure they will be recorded though for later viewing. Though it would be nice, if for just…


Blogcast: Starting an End User Security Discussion

Recently I’ve been thinking more and more about the problem of end user risk. It was prompted by some discussions with a small company here who lamented that they had to place extreme policy controls in place because their users would “wreck it ” otherwise… So I thought – I wonder why their users are…


Blogcast: SC Virtual Machine Manager RTM

Finally its released! SCVMM is a management tool that allows you to manage multiple Virtual Server R2 hosts and the images running on them. Keith Combs has done a few “screencasts” of these (that’s what he calls them – sounds like a Hollywood movie thing…:) )   Check them out!


Blogcast: Introducing RODC’s into a Windows Server 2003 Forest

Ive had a few people interested in the process of introducing this concept of an RODC into a Windows Server 2003 Forest. In this blogcast I’m showing how you can use the Windows Server 2008 installation option of Server Core in combination with RODC to provide a really secure branch appliance. Firstly let me cover…


Network Access Protection with Cisco switches Blogcast

Recently at TechEd Australia, New Zealand and Hong Kong I’ve been presenting on Network Access Protection using 802.1x dynamic Virtual LAN’s (VLANs) and Cisco switches. I’ve done this before actually in my previous blogcasts doing NAP with IPSEC but I got feedback that IPSEC was all too hard – and in fact is quite difficult…


Windows Server Virtualisation – Live Demo

I got the privilege of seeing this recently – Im very impressed with it and like Ive blogged previously, Jeff and I will be spending the rest of this year just talking about Longhorn Server including WSV. Arlindo Alves blogged about the video of a live demo of WSV – he pipped me to get…