Repost: AGPM 4.0 to Release in October

Quick note… Today I posted on the Group Policy blog, the new features in AGPM 4.0 which will be releasing in October. More details over there! 🙂


MDOP "Demomates" released

This in my email awhile ago…these provide a great way of understanding what MDOP offers in terms of technologies… MDOP Demo Mate Demos are available at MS Download Center (please find individual links below).  Demos for the following products can be found at these hyper links: Microsoft Enterprise Desktop Virtualization (MED-V) Asset Inventory Service (AIS)…


Why does AGPM not support my language properly?

We had an interesting issue that we identified. If a customer has a deployment of AGPM 3.0 and the AGPM client connecting to the server is in a different language, (lets say Portuguese) than the server installation (which might be in US English), displaying the settings reports of the the GPO’s doesnt show the correct language. It shows…


Locking down AGPM fit for least privilege

A few customers have been emailing us. Essentially they want to be able to “lock down” AGPM as a central source of the GP truth and not allow it to have too much access…which is something I always advocate…if it doesnt need Domain Admin access then dont give it Domain Admin access. So heres what…


AGPM 3.0 not keeping the Deny ACEs from GPMC

Today I wrote on the Group Policy team blog about AGPM 3.0 and how its not preserving all the Deny ACE’s into the AGPM archive that are applied to the GPO’s that you might have set in GPMC. If youre interested even in a side discussion in GP security filtering, I wrote all about it…