Well I'm back!

Cue AC/DC. I'm back! After three years I'm back with Microsoft. It kinda feels like coming home. Except now it's a pretty exciting time to be back! Didn't you see the news? Windows 10 baby! And finally, much to my Dad's pleasure the start menu is back! From phone to desktop to server. Windows 10 is hot!

Microsoft has a new CEO that "gets it" and is bringing excitement and a fresh new approach to the company. Its permeating to every part of the business.

When I was making the decision to come back I spent some time talking to my good friend Jeff Alexander about it. He told me about the radical changes occurring, both in terms of culture but also in terms of products. He wouldn't let me in on any of the internal stuff at the time, but that I'm back inside, I'm pretty excited about whats to come.

And better still the team I'm in gets to tell you all about it. See I'm looking after (part of) the team that communicates to IT Pros, Developers, Students and Startups. Our goal is to make sure that we get all the good information to you, hot off the press. To make you aware of what's happening, when and how.

So I'm really happy to be back. And really excited about the vision that Satya is bringing for the company.

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  1. Yup! Still here in Seattle!

  2. Great to see you back… are U going to be based in Seattle?

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