Microsoft’s newest virtualization rebrands

A friend of mine and I were talking today about TechED USA and all the questions we had around virtualization. He commented that he even had one person come up and talk to him about Disk Virtualization, which refers to “Boot from VHD”. Well that’s a new one for the large list to complement the current and obviously well understood virtualization terms such as Server Virtualization, Application Virtualization, User State Virtualization, Desktop Virtualization, Virtual Desktop Infrastructure and Session/Presentation Virtualization. We thought of a few more:

  • Unified Communications and Exchange as “Interpersonal Virtualization”
  • Boot from VHD is obviously now “Disk Virtualization”
  • XBOX Live is now “Gamer Virtualization”

Any more to add to the list?

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  1. tonyr says:

    wouldn't tie disk virtualization to boot from vhd, you can mount vhd's also which has nothing to do with booting them.

    my .00000001 cents worth

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