HP CM1312 Printer still lacking Windows 7 drivers

Got this in my mail from John Hathaway, who like me, laments the inability of hardware vendors to re-release/update their driver installers to work with Windows 7. I blogged about this some time ago but John has updated it further.

Here's his feedback:

“…Anyway, I put together a small instruction pack similar to yours, but will update Windows 7 to use the CM1312 as a network-only printer. HP CM1312 64bit Windows 7 Retail install.

1) Download: CM1312series_full_solution_v5.0_AM-EMEA.exe (306 MB)




2) Use the full download from the website and it self extracts to your root directory.To run the self extracting file, first set the compatibility mode to Vista sp2 and run as admin.

3) The files remain and you can find them here:


4) Set the compatibility mode to Vista sp2 and run as admin on the Setup.exe.

5) Run the full install. Works for both usb or network.

6) Enjoy! =^_^=…”

Comments (9)

  1. I think its pretty crazy too. Though the method that Ive indicated should work and allow this to work with servers also – though I havent tried remote scanning yet.

  2. Joshua- I know they work but how did you load the Vista drivers on Win7 when the installer blocks install on it? Did you use the process I mentioned?

  3. Bob Hyatt says:

    HP now has the windows 7 support for the CM1312 printer family.  Logon HP search for your printer and select windows 7 (32) or (62).  Run all programs. It works great.

  4. Allen says:

    Your solution works, thanks! HP has v. 5.1 print drivers posted for Win 7. Unfortunately, they did not work for me after 3 install attempts. The Solution Center, Document Handler, and scanner apps were not in the setup. What scanner software that is setup was very basic. I do not know what HP was thinking when they released the Win 7 v. 5.1 setup package.

  5. Gunny says:

    I’m using Windows Server 2008 R2. I’ve downloaded the 5.1 print drivers but it’s impossible to install by using the normal setup. I’ve installed the drivers by adding the print manually in "Devices and Printers" in control panel. I can print but I can’t use CM1312 as scanner.

    Finally, I find this situation quite ridicolous. How is possible that a printer that cost more than 300$ (I paid it 400€+ 8 months ago…)has this ridicolous support? In fact, also with Windows 2008 first version it’s impossible to install with normal setup. How is possible that a printer like CM1312 has problem with Windows Servers operating system?

    Sorry for my english but I’m italian.

  6. Joshua says:

    I have got a windows 7 disc on oct 22nd, (house party host)loaded it. Used the 64bit install, and loaded the Vista drivers, and have had zero issues, I use the scanner as well… I have the 1312nfi MFP.

    We did have these same problems when we moved from win9.x to winXP(nt) but there was no real solution, just had to wait.

  7. Pat says:

    Hi All,

    It’s really unbelievable for a company like HP for not providing a full driver for Windows 2003 Terminal Server. We can use only the print. Any help or soluion??? Thanks

  8. Deb says:

    HP said that Windows 7 has a solution until the update was available in January.  Can anyone help?

  9. laura says:

    Hi everybody.

    I’m Italian as you are, Gunny, so, sorry for my bad English.

    I’ve got the same problem: I installed Win 7 64x home premium on my laptop, but I couldn’t install hp cm1312nfi’s drivers, even following mkleef’s process at the top of the 3d!

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