Free Microsoft Anti Virus product releases to the web

Well I never thought Id see this. Microsoft releases something really useful for free!! 🙂

logo_mse[1] Microsoft Security Essentials released to the web today. I’ve actually been using at home for a few months now in beta and I have to say that I'm very impressed with the work this team has done.

It seems to have quite a low system overhead and did catch a couple of things that came through my browser – install was really easy. No brainer really…and even better…no cost to you!

Important note is that this is a consumer offering rather than a business offering – in a business package you really want centralized management and reporting which is more the realm of Forefront Client Security.

Nevertheless – great for home and family. Tell your friends!

Comments (1)

  1. Tim Carson says:

    The beta was loaded on the netbooks distributed at TechEd Oz. I really like it. Going to install on my home machines this weekend.

    Thanks Kleefy!

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