Daylight Savings changes in Western Australia

Got asked to blog this. Don’t get me started on how much money this “trial” cost everyday businesses in WA to see it just fail….that said I loved it while it lasted! I used my editorial liberties and “improved” elements of this article for the “Yes” voters 🙂

“…Daylight Savings time changes can have a significant impact on business performance if not dealt with proactively and sadly business now has to endure that cost all over again. Effects can range from the incorrect time display on the clock, to calendaring problems, to changes in business critical services that are time dependent. This year, certain Western Australians who shall remain nameless (including my Mum), rejected by costly referendum in these tough economic times a proposal to extend their trial of daylight savings. As a result small children not only get less time out in the skin cancer causing sun with their parents but there will be no daylight savings in WA this year or for the foreseeable future. The time change was scheduled for the 25th October, but will, sadly for many, no longer occur. This means football in the park gets cut shorter, weekend BBQ’s get less fun and your curtains will like…fade less. 

We encourage customers to review their preparedness for these changes. See the Australia 2009 Daylight Saving Planning Guide….”


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