MSPress Australia: 50% off all Books

Got this in my mail today…

50% off all Books from the MS Press Online Bookstore!

clip_image002MS Press Online Bookstore turns 1! Receive 50% off all books at until June 30, 2009 when you enter this exclusive code at the checkout MSPRESS1.

Also don’t forget MS Press has an Amazon Price Match Promise on all books. If you find a cheaper priced book on Amazon – MS Press will match it. For more details visit the website.

Comments (2)

  1. Daniel Mundy says:

    Sounds great, do you know if we can purchase PDF versions of the books? I know they are available *somewhere* as I have friends with copies, but can’t for the life of my find where to purchase them.



  2. Bradley Dunn says:

    At first I thought "Wow! What an offer!". However, the first item that I compared against Amazon’s standard retail rate came in at just AU$2.50 over the Oz mspress store when using the "Expedited International Shipping" option. If I ordered via Amazon using the "standard international shipping" option, it actually becomes over AU$10 cheaper.

    Despite the Amazon Price Match Promise, I would simply prefer to use Amazon so that I don’t have to worry about the claim.

    If MS is serious about this store, they need to start by permanently discouting the retail rate by at least 50%. With the strong AU doller, items from the US are only going to be cheaper for us.

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