Diagnostics and Recovery Toolset: Windows 7 plans

We've had a few customers ask us about our plans for Windows 7 support in DaRT. For you clever people out there, you may have tried to create a DaRT CD already that uses DaRT 6 but instead of supplying a Vista DVD, you put in a Windows 7 Beta DVD. DaRT's ERD prep tool will accept this. Unfortunately though this gives the indication its compatible - which it isnt.

There are quite a number of areas that we know of issues in and around the tools in ERD on Windows 7's Recovery Environment. (WinRE). The good news is we are smack bang in the middle of development to update the compatibility for Windows 7. For the inquiring minds, we dont plan for any new features in it as its already a pretty comprehensive toolset and are focused on Win7 compatibility only.

More news to come once we have more to share...


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