Windows 7 country specific themes – how to add more

One nice new feature that I like a lot is the country specific theming.

You’ll notice here that I am using United States. This is because I’ve got all my options set to en-US and so it uses the country theming for the US. I hear you saying it already….but I don’t want just the US!


A careful look will see that I also have Australia in there. Well I am Australian after all! How did I get it in there?

Navigate to c:/windows/globalization/mctimage and you'll see all the country specific themes in there. You can actually install all of them if you want! You just go into each directory and find the theme file. Its under the Theme directory for each of these. So if I want to install the theme for South Africa I go into the MCT-ZA directory, then the Themes directory and open the theme file.

This way you can enjoy every country that we have in there and all their associated photos, not just the ones that apply to your current locales.





Update: 22/3/2009. Ive found another method to get these themes. Theres a tool you can run to install the ones you want. Its called MCTAdmin.exe.

The syntax to the tool is MCTAdmin /a <two letter country code>. So to install Australia you type, MCTAdmin /a AU

For all of them follow use the respective country codes which are CA, GB, US, ZA and AU.



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