Hyper-V on a Mac again!

I received this in my email last week. With all the work stuff on at present (heard of a new little thing called Windows 7? 🙂 ), I didn't get to post it. But it is good!

"...Thank you for your post on Hyper-V on Mac. It inspired me to try it on my own.

I have some unused Mac Pros due to work force reduction in our company :-(. I tried to play with full Server 2008 install, but it became too painful to me. I don’t like bootcamp solution.

Then I saw that MS released Microsoft Hyper-V Server 2008 which is free. As far as I understood it is server core 2008 with only one role – Hyper-V. I downloaded ISO from MS web site, burned it and tried to boot on Mac Pro. And magic happened!... It booted without any help from bootcamp or boot managers. Then it was only a matter of having hard drive with MBR partition. Now I have guest Server 2008 on it already and everything runs fine.

I noticed some weird stuff like Hyper-V server reports that it is AMD64 system (WSUS reports it) and also Hvconfig script runs from AMD64 folder. There are also some unrecognized devices on Hyper-V server and I didn’t find a way to install Apple drivers on server core. These drivers are packaged in to executable and it doesn’t run on server core at all. Otherwise I’m happy!

I hope it will be interesting to you and your readers...."

It sure is! Thanks for taking the time to share! 🙂

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