New Blackberry Storm…umm…I dont get it?

Please tell me its not just me. I see these ad’s on TV for the Blackberry Storm and I'm wondering what all the fuss is about.

For those of you that haven't seen it yet…here look….

What strikes me is odd is a few things:

1. Touchscreen technology isn't new. Windows Mobile has had it for years. I mean years and years. So does the iPhone.

2. An onscreen keyboard…yawn…are we there yet Mum?

3. So what if it plays a clicking sound when you touch the screen? Hardly rocket science…its actually quite annoying IMO

4. On the radio ad’s they are also touting a web browser as something revolutionary…like its never been done before…except it has…

Please tell me I’ve missed something…:)

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  1. So I just went to Best Buy and took a look at one of these things. Didnt get to check the software on it though. Saw how the screen provides positive clicking to pressure – thats ok I guess. Its a nice tactile feel. Dont mind that and could see how that could be good.

    Though the whole device feels very plastic…didnt like that at all. Makes me doubt the robustness of the device if you dropped it.

  2. You’re correct there Awesum, Im not a fan. They always seemed a bit clunky to me and the UI was plain awful. At least this UI looks a little better…

    Tell me more about the other advancements though? If they were so great, why arent they marketed over the stuff thats generally been available in other devices for many years now?

    Im interested in why I would care about browser emulation? Is that a choice we expect users to make – to switch between emulation modes? Is it really a buying decision?

    I think the claim that its more durable though is one I would suggest is unproven. Once its been broadly available for 6 months or more I think thats might be then a claim to make. Till then its unproven.

    FWIW – Ive dropped my HTC TyTN II a number of times now. Its even fallen off the roof of my car. Its fine.

    Also dropped my Dopod C730. The back popped off and the battery fell out but after I put it back it was fine. I havent had a Windows Mobile phone yet that died from being dropped – and Ive had quite a few now.

  3. Dave – Personal opinion here; Its a nice device. Ive played with them a couple of times. Very well designed hardware IMO, very clean UI. Uses Exchange ActiveSync. It feels nice and is quite robust.

    Though there are some others I know that loved the idea of it, got one and then found it annoying….each to their own I guess.

    Definitely better than a Blackberry 🙂

  4. Gareth Jones says:

    Whilst the clicking when you touch the screen can be annoying to you. I can’t get into touch screen devices as you can’t type quickly as its hard to be sure that you actually pressed something.

  5. Awesum Dawson says:

    Well, Michael obviously you are not a blackberry fan.  I agree with you about the old technology that RIM has finally made a device that windows mobile users have enjoyed for quite some time…

    Bt this particular device has other advancements that you failed to mention.  Like, the screen’s tactile feedback that actually pushes in and out physically as you press the keyboard keys.  Along with it’s ability to emulate other browsers such as Mozilla and Opera to name a few.  All in all the device is much more durable than it’s competition of which you spoke of.  If you drop the competiting phone, you’re done…

  6. rcornad says:

    The "clicking" is a single button behind the screen. doesn’t seem to work if you actually can type fast on a mobile qwerty.

    The emulation doesn’t seem link an innovation to me, I’d rather have a phone that can actually run the browsers, not emulate them.

    I have had my HTC Herald for almost 2 years now and have dropped it many, many times. I know people that have had about as many blackberry’s as the number of times I have dropped my phone.

  7. Dave says:

    What are your thoughts on the iPhone Mike?

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