Stupid Airport security

No doubt there are going to be people reading this with stories of their own. My story was prompted by a read of (my now new favourite site) in which airport security let a guy take a chainsaw on the plane but not someone with toe nail clippers.

I remember about a year ago now going through Sydney domestic airport and being in the line. Now these "security" people have different rules in different states - in Perth they like to scrutinise aerosols and check and see if theres a lid on every aerosol "in case it leaks in flight the cap will contain it". Got news for you Perth security people - that lid isnt going to stay on even in the unlikely event it did pop...Anyhow I digress... 

So Im going through the line in Sydney and picking up my stuff. Of course my laptop is a risk so they want to have that out separate. Then they start to get excited as they have found in my bag a small screwdriver that I left in there. No big deal so I give it to them. I glance over at the next guy standing next to me. He has his bag open as security is a little interested and openly there are six packets of razors. Like the lots of blades in the multi packet variety. They indicate to him its fine and hes on his Im sure he got a great deal on them but huh??

Im sure others have plenty more to share....come on...bring them on...

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  1. Dugie says:

    I’m not even going to start on the craziness 🙁  Instead, read about this poor road warrior:

  2. grant says:

    I agree, it’s crazy.  I too had a pack of double-edged razors. Went fine through SEA security, then they took them all at SFO??

    This is my favorite blog on the topic:

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