WSUS Client Not Yet Reported

Ive actually blogged a little about this one before but I wanted to raise it again. Its funny the things you remember and how they come back around.

Awhile ago I did a TechNet tour in Australia talking about WSUS 3 SP1. Quite a few of you lamented, like me, about the issue where the WSUS client fails to report correctly to the WSUS Server and you see on the WSUS console bunches of clients with the "Not Yet Reported" message that never goes away.

There are various methods to get rid of them such as resetting the WSUS client like I linked to above but its a hit and miss.

I was in a Program Manager meeting a few weeks ago and this very issue came up (it just so happens that the division Im in also covers WSUS 🙂 ). I gave them feedback that this is a pain point based on all the feedback you guys gave me. One of the Program Managers in my very team, Jenelle, followed up on this and found that our support guys use a tool on Codeplex to help resolve these issues. They report it fixes 70% of client issues related to this problem and when it doesnt its usually a firewall issue or signs of a more fundamental OS problem.

The even cooler thing is that its now on the radar 🙂 Thanks Jenelle!

Comments (3)

  1. Ciprian says:

    Also this tool [Dial-a-fix (] helps with AU problems.

  2. Tim Carson says:

    Ran the tool on a problem server, but it seems to only want to talk to the Windows Update site…not to the WSUS server.

    Maybe I’m missing something…

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