AGPM v3 RTM’s!

Now that Im in the Group Policy team I have to blog relevant stuff to the GP blog. So today I got the pleasure of announcing that AGPM 3.0, the product I now get to design for future versions (yay!), has RTM'd.

What is Advanced Group Policy Management?  

As you know, today when you edit using GPMC and GPEdit, anything you do within those tools commits immediately and provided that policy is already linked, those changes will start to flow out to the desktops and servers. Its hardly a well change managed style of deployment! That could mean a significant impact that potentially affects an entire business if done wrongly.

Given many businesses are driving towards corporate compliance and mature change control practises like ITIL, tools like these that assist in managing those changes become an important consideration for the future. AGPM 3.0 allows you to bring into the scope of controlled management all your GPO's and then understand what changes are being made and when plus providing some basic workflow and approval controls. It also delivers notifications via email when changes happen so that teams can know and approve necessary changes and finally deploy them to production.

As I mentioned on the GP blog, Ill be doing a short screencast to cover how AGPM works and how it delivers control and management to GP.


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  1. Pete Calvert says:

    Hi Michael,

    excellent news. Will be adding this to the required tools for GP management. Keep ’em coming.

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