Who says Seattle is cold?

Its nearly been a month now! When we first started packing to leave Australia my wife and I both thought we would have no need for summer clothes....Pah! we thought. Seattle doesnt get a REAL summer like we have in Australia. How wrong....Saturday proved how wrong we were. 34 degrees celsius with no aircon isnt nice. As a person who doesnt really like hot weather in the first place it had me melting like icecream in the sun. Then that night we had a thunderstorm to rival some of Perths hot summer thunderstorms. Next day it was steamy. Oh joy. Please let it be cold soon....


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  1. Avi – I am in the right place! I hated the Perth heat. It drove me insane. I got to the point that I would leave the air conditioned house via the garage that I had previously opened via the internal door to get it cooled down with the home aircon, then drive the kids to school literally around the corner in my air conditioned car, wave them goodbye and return back to the safety of my airconditioned home to work. There is such a thing as TOO hot. Perth was it for me.

    So Im loving the milder summer here. Im loving the overcast cooler days after periods of hot ones. Its a nice balance to summer 🙂

  2. Duncan Riley says:

    I wouldn’t exactly call today hot, but you are right, it is a little steamy out there now, but it felt cold when I landed earlier

  3. Avi says:

    Ha! Lulled into a false sense of security.

    Soon you’ll forget that Sydney has 300 days of sunshine each year, and a 4-5 month long summer. You’ll be certain that 2-3 weeks of sunshine qualifies as "summer", and you’ll subconsciously ignore those 300 days of grey during the rest of the year 🙂

    Then again, if you don’t like the heat – you’re in the right place 🙂

  4. Luke notley says:

    You’re a big girl’s blouse Kleefy 🙂

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