We’re here!

After 8 weeks of waiting, the pain of leaving friends and family and the frustration of selling cars and much loved Ducati, were here. Were in Redmond! Actually not quite in Redmond - were in the temporary accommodation in Issaquah that they provide for a few months till you can get in a house. Its about 15mins drive from the campus. Were coming to terms with driving on the right hand side of the road and enjoying some new experiences. Going to CostCo was fantastic and we were amazed you have to pay a membership to just get in the door - but once you're in its the bulk buyers paradise. They have everything there! Theres food, electronics, sofas, beer, wine....everything!

We've also toured around looking at houses in various different areas around the campus going to some home opens with a view to buying something here in this pretty depressed market - schools are pretty important and getting in the right school district will affect our buying decisions.

My first day in my new (dream) role as a Program Manager was yesterday - the first order of business in coming up to speed with the current development of Advanced Group Policy Management 3.0 (AGPM 3.0) and generally how I fit in the team. Its actually a bit daunting really - there's a lot to learn and to come up to speed with though Im pretty fired up with everything at present. Shortly Ill do a little bit of a show and tell with the TechNet guys on AGPM 3.0 and how it can help you manage Group Policy more effectively.

Comments (5)

  1. Anonymous says:

    Sometimes good things come out of “bad” events..Here’s two, which saddened me a lot (i should have blogged

  2. Keith Combs says:

    Welcome to the USA Michael !!!

  3. Paul Y says:

    Best of luck mate – stay in touch and keep the news coming. Good luck in the land of the weird.

  4. Pete Calvert says:

    hope the family settles i quickly Michael. You will definitely be missed back here.

  5. Dugie says:

    It’s great to know you landed safe and sound, and have you back on-line and blogging again; all the good, the bad and even the ugly.  

    PS:  Remember that the great ocean road and the ducatis are always here if you ever come back to visit.

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