Help me…I cant drink Red Wine!

Recently on the Windows Server 2008 tour I ran into a very odd issue for me. I couldn't drink any sort of alcoholic drinks. If I tried to, Id feel decidedly sick. The next day after Id be laid up in bed I was that ill. Anyone that knows me will know that this was somewhat of a major tragedy for me! The strange thing was that I couldn't pin it down to anything. One week I was ok - the next week not.

Various people gave me various diagnosis.

Our tour coordinator Patsy Bingham was the worst. She said that I probably had a liver issue! She started off with those ominous stories..."I had a friend once who had to give it up forever....". AAARGGGHHHH!!!! NOOOO!!!! Then Jeff Alexander and the rest of the DPE team joined in....sad times indeed...someone even said they had a friend that had to give up for six months...<tears>

So rather than actually do the right thing and see a doctor I consulted my wife about it who suggested that I go on the liver cleansing diet. In sheer desperation I agreed to the idea - though after the tour was done! Did I mention I tried the Internet self diagnosis thing??...Horrific stories there.

In the meantime I racked my brain as to what actually could be the reason.....and found it! I get hayfever pretty badly at times. During this tour I started on a new type of hayfever medication called Sudafed PE. It actually works really well on me but Ive found that if I take it and have alcohol at any time during that week I feel really really ill. Needless to say that Ive stopped using it and am happily...blissfully...back to here I sit in the Qantas Club lounge drafting this blog post, having a nice glass of Cabernet Sauvignon while waiting for a flight again. Ahh...its the simple things!

Comments (3)

  1. Nick – give up? Huh??…does not compute…

    Dave – no there isnt. Its just one of those end of the day things I like to do. It marks the end of the day nicely…

  2. Nick Hodge says:

    … or you could just give up. 6 years without alcamahol and I don’t miss it.

    Now I have to just give up other mind altering substances.

  3. Dave says:

    Struth!!! life without a glass of red…

    …is there actually such a thing…

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