APC benchmarks Windows Vista SP1 performance – with great results!

I saw this article today on Windows Vista SP1 and went wow! I did know it was coming along as I do know the journalist writing the article but I didn't see it before now. For those of you attending the WAVE launch in Sydney and Melbourne I showed you some of the benchmark data but this article provides the full detail on just what happened under the covers to highlight the changes. Well done James on the article!


  • Vista to XP filecopy improves by 86%
  • Lag behaviour (system unresponsiveness) has reduced during the file copy
  • Overall the system is more responsive (with benchmark data to prove it)

Check it out!


Comments (2)

  1. Brian H. Madsen says:

    Hey Michael!!

    I’ve been running SP1 for a while now and have noticed that it’s running a LOT faster but those results are staggering. I hadn’t measured my systems on performance (probably because i was too stunned at the improvement).

    I’ve stopped using my primary desktop at home for development work and are now solely using my laptop. Even Visual Studio 2008 runs smoother than it did before i got SP1 installed.

    Biggest improvement is without a doubt the speed of copying files – it’s been contended for a long time that copying files on Vista was slow.

    I’ve been a staunch user of Vista and have had very, very few problems and when the option came for me to swap my work laptop (XP Pro) out with a new model from HP with Vista on it, i jumped at it.

    It’s good to see these measurements come to light!

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