Server 2008 Launch: Melbourne done – and Adelaide’s next!

Another city done! This time no catastophic failures in any sessions. Melbourne had a great buzz about it too - feedback again has been excellent across the event and shows the content is relevant and meeting the needs of what IT professionals are looking for. Thankyou to all that have attended so far and I hope that youve gotten a lot out of it.

One surprise for the Melbourne event was the handout of Windows Vista Ultimate Edition with SP1 built in. For those of you who attended in Sydney you'll be getting your copies of Vista Ultimate SP1 shortly! Sorry we couldnt get them to you at the event!

As Ive mentioned in both events so far - please do take the time to tell me (and the rest of the team) whether you felt the event format was better based heavily on demos. Please tell me what you really think! 🙂

Comments (6)

  1. Sorry for the delay in replying!

    James and James and Dave – thanks for the kind comments. I do try to avoid the marketing thing and just present the facts! Glad you got value from it.

    Dave – the version we distributed is different from the US launch. Ours is a FPP copy thats not timebombed which means all you need to buy is the CAL’s.

    James B – didnt know the Vista copy was timebombed. Thats a bummer but Im hoping that it also had SP1 separate from the main install also so you can apply to other machines.

  2. Andrew says:

    I really enjoyed the Demo based presentations, I think it’s definitely the way to go.

  3. james says:

    You were definately one of the better, if not the best speaker I saw yesterday at the Melbourne event.

    You were honest and didn’t try to sell the product, you stated the facts and you were charasmatic about it.

    I found with certain other speakers they just tried to sell the product, through in some technical information but then started spieling again.

    I loved the demo based presentations. Real demonstrations show how things work. PowerPoints don’t.

  4. James B says:

    I was impressed by the whole event too (particularly you ).

    Shame the Vista SP1 copy is time bombed though 🙂

  5. Dave H says:

    Michael, I’ll agree with James; you were definitely the best speaker at the Melbourne show.

    I heard from an guy in the US that the NFR Windows Server 2008 Enterprise is also time bombed to 1 year. Is that right?

    It doesn’t say on the pack that it is. I’m considering putting it into production and just buying some CALs. But if it’s going to spit it after a year… maybe I’d rethink.

  6. Jane C says:

    Loved the demos – far better than Death by Powerpoint 😉

    Re the Vista – it has SP1 integrated.  Timebombed after 365 days.

    Re the Server – it’s permanent evaluation use NFR, with one CAL included.

    Agree with the others, you’re definitely the best speaker/presenter 🙂

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