Server 2008 launch: Sydney down….onto Melbourne!

Yesterday marked the start of the Windows Server 2008, SQL Server 2008 and Visual Studio 2008 - Sydney was the beginning.

The was plenty of buzz at the event with Deeps running around with a video camera interviewing people, there was a Twitter feed and a Flickr feed too.

The Windows Server track rocked - we totally changed the format of the way events usually are done by us - we focused on demos....lots of demos and only used PowerPoint when there was something that couldnt be conveyed in a demo. I kicked it off with an Active Directory migration to Windows Server 2008 from a Windows Server 2003 domain, followed with Server Deployment using WDS and WAIK and finished with Policy changes including GP Preferences.

Philip Duff continued on with an awesome Windows Server Virtualisation session that included live clustering across iSCSI.

Amit Pawar followed him with a live demonstration of a Terminal Server being configured, including TS Gateway and Remote Apps and even included Softgrid - and then he connected to it live over the internet with his 3G connection!

I followed him again and used the same demo environment from the previous two sessions and did a session on Branch Office which included a demo of RODC promotion into the domain (actually this was the only demo that I had fail - and I think I know why it happened too!) and showed a DFS Namespace and DFS-Replication partnership being setup and had a discussion into the core changes of SMB 1.0 and SMB 2.0 that enables faster file transfers and less interruptions. Actually on that one - watch out closely for the APC article that will discuss the Vista SP1 Performance changes. James Bannan has done a fabulous job on getting you the data to understand just how much faster it is!

Jorke Odolphi finished up the track with IIS 7.0 and showed you just how easy it is to get PHP running on a Windows Server!! 🙂

So now its onto Melbourne - if you havent registered be quick its nearly full - and so are the other cities. The feedback has been excellent! As one customer said to me in an email " was a day well spent!..."


BTW - For those of you who attended and saw my spectacular failure of the RODC demo saying that the forest was at Windows 2000 Forest Functional mode when Id set it to Windows Server 2008 - I have a sneaking suspicion that I hadnt run the adprep /rodcprep against that domain!! Doh!! Will check it in Melbourne 🙂

Update 3/3/08: Im in Melbourne and Ive just booted up the images....the message that was on the screens referred to the forest functional mode not the domain functional mode. To introduce RODC's into an environment the forest must be at Server 2003 forest functional and mine was indeed at Windows 2000 forest functional.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    One of my work colleagues, Orlando Escalante , has posted a list of blogs of all the Microsoft IT Pro

  2. Anonymous says:

    Launch of SQL 2008, Visual Studio 2008 and most importantly Windows Server 2008 ! I’m part of the launch

  3. Anonymous says:

    One of my work colleagues, Orlando Escalante , has posted a list of blogs of all the Microsoft IT Pro

  4. Frank – Schema prep comes first and then domain prep

    Minor additions:

    4.5 Add in second WS08 DC to ensure redundancy

    8. Add in RODC if/when necessary

    Other than that – awesome!!

  5. ML49448 says:

    Excellent show I enjoyed seeing the Domain upgrade and specificaly the move to DFSR from FRS !!

    keep up the good work !!

  6. Frank Wen says:

    Hi Michael, to upgrade your WS03 Domain and forest level to WS08, if i remember correctly, we should do the following steps:

    1. Make sure your domain function level is windows 2000 native or windows 2003.

    2. on the WS03 schema master, do the domain prep, and forest prep from a WS08 DVD

    3. upgrade one of your WS03 DC to WS08 or join a WS08 server into WS03 Domain as a DC.

    4. Move the FSMO roles to the new WS08 DC

    5. decommssioning all the WS03 DC.

    6. on the WS08 DC, upgrade your domain level to WS08

    7. on the WS08 DC, upgrade your forest level to WS08

    please advise if i got something wrong on the steps above. thanks

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