Windows Server 2008 FPP available at Australian launch

I've had a few questions on this now. "Is the copy of Windows Server to be given away at the Australian launch a full copy?"

As part of the Australian Windows Server launch (you know the "Heroes Happen Here" thing - yeah I know the name is a bit crap...) we have been saying that we intend to give away Windows Server 2008 Enterprise Edition worth $2500 (in our valuation). Windows Server 2008 Enterprise

I thought it was time-bombed or a not for resale copy (NFR) but I've since found that the copy is full packaged product (FPP) which means you can indeed use it in production and just buy the CAL's needed to connect to it. Yes that's right - its a full copy of Enterprise edition which means its worth the money we valued it at.

If I was an IT Manager I'd send my whole team along! For the $200 ticket cost, getting a full copy of Windows Server 2008 Enterprise (along with the 4 free virtual instances) per attendee represents a great ROI - even if you don't plan to use it for another year or so. And that's without the deep training you'll get from attending!

Come one come all!!

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Wow – before Michael clarified this one, i was actually under the impression that this would be a "trial"

  2. I asked our product manager specifically if this could be done. She said to me that you can deploy in production provided you have the connection CAL’s to connect with…so at least the server license is free with registration.

  3. It hasnt changed yet 🙂 Im not a betting man (much) though Id suggest not unless something occurs outside our control…

    Massive disclaimer: Im not the authority here. Dont shoot me if it does change!

  4. Brendan – email me offline through the contact form on my blog and I will make sure you get your bag.

    John – note the term "special evaluation license" it means it can be used in production 🙂 So despite you not liking the event name (I know I wasnt a fan) did you like the event format and the content??

  5. Greg Low says:

    Hi Michael,

    On the registration page, it says "launch kit contents are subject to change". Any chance this will change?



  6. lindsey says:

    This is great news Michael! The fine print mentions: "The software is provided for the express purpose of allowing the individual to familiarise themselves with the product;" so does that me we couldn’t use it on a producation server?

    I could (very easily) justify to management the flights and registration if we could use it on a production server. 🙂

    Do you know where we could get clarification?


  7. Mitch Wheat says:

    It would be nice if those on the developer track got a full version of VS2008 rather than a copy of an OS they probably won’t use.

    Just an idea….

  8. isaac says:

    Good news, that. From what I could see on the FAQ in the American launch event site, they are getting a 100-day promotional copy. If Australia does indeed get a FPP one, yippee!

  9. Brendan Klasen says:


    I (and others) attended the event in Sydney today.  Around lunch time the stand handing out the bags ran out.  The girls told us to come back in the afternoon tea break as more bags were being brought over…

    I went back during the afternoon tea break, and was told they still hadn’t arrived, and to come back after the closing plenary session.

    I went back at the end of Steve Riley’s talk, and the table was bare – nobody to be seen.

    Can you please provide me with contact details of who we can contact to have the bag shipped out to us?  I’ve still got my "Satchel Ticket" complete with bar code…



  10. John Kohalmi says:

    Looks like they didn’t update the launch kit text – under Server 2008 it reads "This launch kit provides you with a special evaulation license."

    Enjoyed your presentation yesterday Michael.

    Oh, and glad to see I’m not the only one who thought the event name was "crap".  Could have done without the low-rent Anime, too.  😉

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