Clayko group to run Windows Server 2008 in new datacentre

With Windows Server 2008 RTM'ing overnight Id thought Id share a little bit of local news on its adoption.

Perth based Clayko Group have recently announced the deployment of a Western Australia data centre to offer SharePoint as a hosted service.

This is in line with Clayko’s stated business objective of ensuring that we offer our client base a comprehensive service for document management.

To this end we will be have ordered the latest Dell hardware, complete with Raid 10, and we will be one of the first, if not the first to market using Windows Server 2008.

We have decided to use Windows Server 2008 for a number of reasons:

Microsoft Windows Server 2008 is touted by Microsoft as being the next generation of the Windows Server operating system that helps information technology (IT) professionals maximize control over their infrastructure while providing unprecedented availability and management capabilities, leading to a significantly more secure, reliable, and robust server environment than ever before. Windows Server 2008 delivers new value to organizations by ensuring all users regardless of location are able to get the full complement of services from the network. Windows Server 2008 also provides deep insight into the operating system and diagnostic capabilities to allow administrators to spend more time adding business value.

From Clayko’s perspective, it will maximise the effectiveness of our quad processors, and it will support Hyper-V, which gives us the ability to use virtualisation where required.

Other reasons for this decision include:

· Speed of server provisioning

· Real estate savings

· Better h/w utilisation

· Ability to cater for “Test” and “Development”

· And most importantly for a hosting provider, improved web delivery and improved security.

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