Questions on ADMX in Windows XP and Windows 2003 environments

We had a question a couple of days ago about the usage of ADMX template formats in Windows XP/Server 2003 environments. Essentially the question was: “…What’s the supported or recommended way of getting W2k8 ADMX templates applying in a W2k3 domain with or with no W2k8 DCs. What I’ve done in test is, created a…

Australian Personal Computer (APC) magazine launches new podcast

Its called Coalface Tech and is run by top industry journalists James Bannan and Mark Wilson. Both these guys are in the IT industry and and talk about some of the top trends and interest areas for IT Professionals. You can get the RSS feed here. They provide media in both Quicktime and Windows media formats….

New Blackberry Storm…umm…I dont get it?

Please tell me its not just me. I see these ad’s on TV for the Blackberry Storm and I’m wondering what all the fuss is about. For those of you that haven’t seen it yet…here look…. What strikes me is odd is a few things: 1. Touchscreen technology isn’t new. Windows Mobile has had it…


Want an awesome home office setup?

Take a look at some of these! 🙂  Love the single machine with 16 monitors attached!! 🙂  


Reaffirmed: You really do have a part to play in Internet security

Like most people I have an opinion. I hold pretty strong opinions about certain topics, one of which is user security education. In “real life”, we tell our children and our families:”Dont trust everything you see and read”. “Don’t accept candy from strangers””Dont stray down dark alleys”…. You get the idea…. Hmm. Why dont we…


HDTV LCD Panels: LG and Toshiba experiences

This might seem an odd post from me but I think its a good thing to share experiences especially when you find a good and bad experience to help others with. A couple of weekends ago I had to go and buy a new TV…long story, no time…:) I had heard quite a bit about…


Reducing confusion: Group Policy isnt dependant on schema versions or server version

We hear consistent questions on forums and emails around the recurring question: “If I want to take advantage of XYZ new feature in Group Policy do I need to be on the latest server version?” Variations to this theme are: “If I want to implement XYZ new feature in GP do I need to update…


Locking down AGPM fit for least privilege

A few customers have been emailing us. Essentially they want to be able to “lock down” AGPM as a central source of the GP truth and not allow it to have too much access…which is something I always advocate…if it doesnt need Domain Admin access then dont give it Domain Admin access. So heres what…


GP SYSVOL and Default Policy troubleshooting

I just posted a new article to the GP Team blog on how to fix SYSVOL and Default Domain policies. Have to say its not pretty if youre in that situation, especially in the SYSVOL failure space. I briefly discussed at the end of that article to not use that SYSVOL practise should you have…

Stupid Airport security

No doubt there are going to be people reading this with stories of their own. My story was prompted by a read of (my now new favourite site) in which airport security let a guy take a chainsaw on the plane but not someone with toe nail clippers. I remember about a year ago…