Windows Vista SP1 RC1 first thoughts

Overnight we released to beta testers Windows Vista SP1 RC1. I like to try new things out so I applied it to my shiny new Lenovo T61p. I also like to try and see what sort of experience happens when the end users end up applying this so I performed an update from Microsoft Update rather than a full download.

There are a couple of prerequisites that need to be applied first - these are servicing updates and are pretty small. Only a few meg each. Once these are done then you get the option of deploying the service pack. In my instance it said the download was going to be about 125MB in size. Nothing to sneeze at but given the reports of much a bigger download than that you may be surprised....or not.... Either way I have a broadband connection so it didn't take that long really...

Applying it took about an hour - which was pretty much bang on what it said it would be. It required an initial copy phase that took about 15 mins or so before the first reboot request and then once you allowed it - it did the main service pack bits.

All up I found it to be a very easy and smooth process with no hiccups and barely any interaction to make it happen.

So what do I think?

It definitely feels snappier. Definitely. This was a major criticism of many people that the system just seemed to lag while it did stuff. Now it seems to be much more responsive. Things start faster and they appear on your screen faster.

Nothing else changed really - it just seems to feel a lot better....

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Michael – Thanks for the feedback I really appreciate it.  I also noticed one more issue that led me to removing SP1 RC1. IIS7 was left longer operational. You could not even uninstall IIS7 and reinstall it. When trying to start the web publishing service it returned a dependency error for the WAS service and if you manually tried to start the WAS service it would not start and return LocalSystem errors.

    I will also get that information you need sent to your email.  Thanks again. 🙂

  2. Anonymous says:

    I have an Nvidia board and had exactly the same quicktime/ itunes issues, BSOD’ s and stuttering under Vista. My fix was to go into device manager and find“ Nvidia Nforce serial ATA controller” and then right click and select update driver software and

  3. Simon – the lag certainly is fixed from what I can see and like I mentioned still remains quite snappy. The product team are really focused on getting SP1 to you as quickly as possibly and are working hard on finalising any outstanding bugs and issues between now and RTM.

    Jim – Ive passed your comments onto the product team. I wish Id known about these specific ones earlier as I could have logged a bug on it and got it resolved but now that we are well past RC1 its unlikely. That said please send me an email through my email form and Ill see what I can find out for you and get back to you directly. The first issue you have with audio sounds like a driver issue…

    WMDC has had a few problems on one of my colleagues machines too. On mine Ive had no problems at all.

  4. Simon says:

    Hopefully SP1 fixes the network copying Lag where copying files over a network took a long long time….(insert long beard growth here)

    and the lag with opening media documents with WMP11

    Other than that I cant really complain about Vista pre SP1, havnt applied SP1 yet, but will try and get some time this weekend.

  5. jim says:

    This afternoon I finally got around to installing SP1 RC1.  While overall Vista has been working fine for me since late last year, I have had two problems that have been plaguing me for that last 4 months that I hoped would be resolved in Service Pack 1…. unfortunately they were not.  The two problems that were occuring with my Dell Precision M65 and seem to be very common issues with Vista posted on numerous other forums were no audio (previously worked but stopped suddenly) and Windows Mobile Device Center stopped syncing devices (also previously worked but stopped suddenly).  Originally thinking that the motherboard had died, Dell support replaced it but the problem still existed. The latest version of WMDC was also installed in an attempt to fix the sync problem but the problem also still existed after the update. It seems that I have now run out of options. I have had hardware tested and repaired, the most recent drivers are and have been up to date, and the most recent windows updates and applications (i.e., WMDC) have also been installed (as they are always up to date)with no change in the situation.  The only benefit I have seen with SP1 RC1 is with the file transfer rate.  File transfers are extremely quick and the initial lag in the process starting is now gone.  Unfortunately I cannot wait for these minor problems to be fixed anymore.  Since the christmas holidays are coming up, that will be the perfect time to reformat my system and go back to XP.  Even worse is that I have come to the decision that we cannot migrate our corporate system anytime soon as we do quite a bit of mobile device development and cannot afford to have issues like this arise.  Maybe some time in the near future we will be able to give Vista a try again… 🙁

  6. Tatham Oddie says:

    WMDC seemed to die after SP1 RC1 for me too … It says "Connecting" but never gets past that. I thought we had finally got this resolved. 🙁

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