Review: HTC TyTN II with Windows Mobile 6

I got handed one of these TyTN II devices a few days ago to show at the Unified Communications tour currently going around the country.

Its not my usual cup of tea as I've previously preferred SmartPhone style devices but recently really loved using my Dopod C730. Each to their own really...and that's the good thing about Windows Mobile devices is the choices you have in form factor. 

It looks very similar to many of imate's and Dopod's (rebranded HTC devices) previous models. Namely the imate K-Jam (which I personally hated as it was slow and the screen kept going out

of sync) and the Dopod 838 Pro which my wife uses and loves. It too runs Windows Mobile 6 but is a much better device than the K-Jam.

The TyTN II is a fantastic improvement over both. It has a pop-up screen which emulates a PC style feel, runs Windows Mobile 6 and is quite fast but the kicker for me is the inclusion of GPS. Like I mentioned, I prefer the Dopod C730 for form factor but the GPS is just so very cool!!! It uses the CoPilot Live software which does a great job of getting you from A to B but at the same time shows points of interest that when selected also provides you the phone number and you can call straight from there. The GPS syncs up very quickly and responds rapidly when you choose to override its choice of route. There's also an external antenna interface in case you're having trouble with GPS signal. Additional world maps are available for purchase from AUD$99. The software is quite good and the sync combination with a PC makes planning a trip a breeze.

It comes with a 1GB micro-SD card which saves going out and buying even if they are pretty cheap now (<$35 for 2GB). There are two cameras on the device - a frontward facing one for video calls and a standard rearward camera though this has also been improved to 3 megapixels. The 3 megapixel camera is very good and does a much better job of focusing and shooting than I've had before with a phone based camera.

The only issue I've had with it so far is the HTC mobile shell. I've previously tried out the SPB Mobile shell and it was quite good. The HTC one the TyTN II comes with seemed to be unstable and oddly caused problems with Outlook Mobile. If I went into an email, selected and opened it and then closed the email I wasn't able to scroll up or down anymore in Outlook Mobile's email listing. Going back to the standard Windows Mobile interface and deselecting the HTC add-ins fixed the problem. Strange.

Overall this is a great device with some very useful improvements. I believe its available at Harvey Norman now.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    HTC mobile shell has a good sound profile feature. If it is set to automatic profile it switches to “vibrate” when you have an appointment in your calendar and switch back to “normal” when you are free. There is such thing for smart phones. Now I can have it on my PDA. Unfortunately HTC shell doesn’t detect “free” status in all day events.  So you phone is in “vibrate” mode if today is your friend’s birthday  🙂

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