The case of the super responsive Lenovo Australia team :)

Wow - I'm impressed. Many of you saw my previous post lamenting on Lenovo's lack of contactibility. Well as it turned out the day I posted the blog entry I even had customers I know emailing me asking if I still needed a contact, I had internal people emailing and then the phone starting ringing.

Lenovo had seen my post and were jumping to help. To be honest I've never seen customer service like this before. I hate to say it but I don't think we would respond as quickly and as comprehensively as they did....

The Lenovo regional account manager was calling me. He asked for the details of my purchase order and promised to get back to me to find out where it was. He also told me the person I was calling and leaving messages for was actually the wrong person and our systems weren't updated with the correct person. Doh - that needs fixing! But true to his word he called back and told me that he had found it and would have more details over the weekend and would call Monday. That was all the same day I blogged about it.

Over the weekend there was a flurry of emails from Lenovo USA as they had seen the blog post too and wanted to get some more details and to confirm they had all the orders and that they knew where they were and were following up with Lenovo Australia. I was astounded.

Today I get an email from Lenovo China to tell me in detail where the hold up was (there was a DVD burner unavailable) and to ask if I wanted to part ship the order. In fact they sent an email to everyone in Microsoft Australia that had a Lenovo unit on order - which is a fair few actually cause the new T61p is so powerful and we all want them 🙂 Then just now a few minutes ago another email from the regional AM to apologise to everyone for the delay while he sorts it all out...

So in short an amazing turnaround in customer service. This has gone from a situation that frustrated me to one that's delighted me. Ill blog more about this once I get the unit in my hot little hands...

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Sometimes there's blog posts out there that makes me cry… why? because justice was served and service

  2. Yeah I guess you could think that – though I dont think its really an easy answer. But bear this in mind:

    1. The Microsoft Australia subsidiary has only about 500 people working for it. That makes a lot of other Australian businesses much bigger than Microsoft’s presence here and thus our priority has got to be less than many of Australia’s top 100 (or even 500) companies.

    2. The man on the street already has a 1300 number that they can call to enquire about ETA’s and in this instance thats all I was asking for. Im sure that call centre could provide that.

    3. We’re only talking about 20 laptops currently on order. Hardly a massive deal for Lenovo right?

    Nevertheless I remain impressed. Ive blogged about another company before and they havent done a thing…despite me working for a high profile company 🙂

  3. Anonymous says:

    Well after a few issues in finding out where it was after I ordered it which were subsequently (and rapidly!!)

  4. Uh huh.... says:

    If you didn’t work for Microsoft, and you weren’t a high(ish) profile blogger, what do you think the response would have been?

    It’s an easy answer; you’d still be frustrated and sitting in the customer service queue that the ‘man in the street’ has to deal with when we don’t have the power of negative publicity behind us.

    This says it all… "in fact they sent an email to everyone in Microsoft Australia that had a Lenovo unit on order".  Just how many was that?  2? 10? A dozen? A hundred?  Just how big a market are Lenovo hoping to placate?

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