Zune 30 battery woes – some solutions!

Some time ago when I was in the US I got a couple of Zunes. These were the original Zune devices now called the Zune 30. Like a few people since the firmware flash update I also have had problems with both my Zune 30’s choosing not to charge after being dead flat and to…


SIPtap: Stop the hype already – mitigate the attack vector

I was reading on TechWorld today about a piece of proof of concept code written to monitor VoIP calls and how its somehow a new threat. Ho hum…. Others are commenting on the hype around this too. See Toyz.org: Good commentary here too on consumer VoIP implementations over and above corporate implementations. SIPVicious: Bit more…


A full four hours of battery on Vista on "balanced"…wow….

So last night I was pretty scathing of the hybrid drive performance on my new Lenovo T61p. Today’s a different story. Just as an experiment I tried running on battery and did my normal day to day activities. I simply pulled the power on it, left in it in the "balanced" power mode and worked….


Review: HTC TyTN II with Windows Mobile 6

I got handed one of these TyTN II devices a few days ago to show at the Unified Communications tour currently going around the country. Its not my usual cup of tea as I’ve previously preferred SmartPhone style devices but recently really loved using my Dopod C730. Each to their own really…and that’s the good…


Its arrived! The Lenovo T61p is here…with a hybrid drive!

Well after a few issues in finding out where it was after I ordered it which were subsequently (and rapidly!!) resolved…its time. It arrived yesterday! Yay! I was curious to see if the hype really was all it was cracked up to be on this unit – initial thoughts have me pretty impressed. Keith had…


Free Exchange 2007 Component Poster goes live!

From the same Microsoft Consulting Services team that brought you the Active Directory Component Jigsaw and the Windows Server 2008 Component Poster comes the Exchange Server 2007 Component Poster. Download it now! Its creation has been sponsored by the Exchange product team, Dell and the TechNet magazine and represents an awesome effort to help IT…


Avanade trialling Windows Server Virtualisation (Hyper-V) in customer proof of concepts

Greg Howard from Avanade Australia has been doing some work with Windows Server 2008 RC0 recently. He’s been doing some proof of concept projects for some of Australia’s biggest businesses on the use of Windows Server virtualization. In newly released news the name was officially released as Hyper-V at TechEd IT Forum in Barcelona. In…


The case of the super responsive Lenovo Australia team :)

Wow – I’m impressed. Many of you saw my previous post lamenting on Lenovo’s lack of contactibility. Well as it turned out the day I posted the blog entry I even had customers I know emailing me asking if I still needed a contact, I had internal people emailing and then the phone starting ringing….


How can I verify an Application before I buy it?

Its funny how you get a whole bunch of similar questions at the same time. A couple of weeks ago Ian from a city council in Melbourne was asking me how he could verify whether an application was developed according to Microsoft guidelines so that he could pick which application would deploy and operate the…


The case of the unresponsive Lenovo Australia sales people

Recently Jeff has been showing off his Lenovo T61p. He was having stacks of problems with his Toshiba A7 which was out of warranty and breaking down so he needed a new one. Its a nice unit actually – scores really well in Vista’s performance and reliability checks and runs Windows Server Virtualisation like a…