YourASP trials Windows Server 2008 Beta 3 and RC0 for Dev/test/staging environments

Today I was blogging and asking who is trying out Window Server 2008 in Australia? Within 2 hours I had a response (and there goes one of the 5 Halo 3 hooded jumpers I have).

Here's what Anthony from YourASP told me about their trials:

"...I was running Beta3 in our datacentre previous to the release of RC0. I have since reinstalled RC0 Web Server Edition and have started using IIS7 as a testing and staging environment for some of our clients.

Currently running a 2 (virtual) server farm fronted with a CISCO 4840G Load Balancer, running custom written ASP.NET applications and also testing out WSS3.0 running on IIS7.0.

I was keen to get our dev partners onto it to start to get used to the new xml based configuration...but also for us to start playing around with the shared config for web farm environments..."

Nice. So that's one Halo 3 hooded jumper gone. Who's next? 🙂

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