Geelong win the AFL Grand Final

The game isnt finished yet thought you've probably heard the phrase "it ain't over till the fat lady sings"...well in this instance its over. Very over. At three quarter time Geelong has quadrupled Port Adelaide with a score of 125 to 35. They ain't comin' back from this!

In a game that made Port Adelaide look un co-ordinated and amateurish, Geelong took a commanding lead and continued the onslaught, quarter after quarter. Around the neighbourhood here people started their BBQ's at half time and never bothered to really return to watch, and like our house, occasionally stopping for a glance to shake their heads and wonder what happened to Port and just how good the Cats were. I remember Frankie saying to me before he left that Geelong was a "machine" - they certainly were in this game. Congrats Cats!

Im done. Im going to finish some odd jobs around the house. This game's done. 


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