Another Battery Recall??? Arrghh…I have one of these!

I was listening to ITRadio today and in particular their podcast from TechEd. Patrick Gray was talking about another battery recall of Lithium Ion batteries and he mentioned the Toshiba Tecra A7. Hey guess what? I have one of them.

So I go to the Toshiba site to find out what I have to do? Anything there about it? Nope.

I go to the support page. Anything there? Only some tiny writing on the right hand side that doesn't even mention my unit.

So then I do a Windows Live search on "Tecra A7 battery recall" and this pops up

I'm wondering why the Australian site has absolutely no mention of something as dangerous as this? Bear in mind if a Lithium Ion battery with a fault like this fails it really does explode and that could probably hurt a lot if I'm anywhere nearby...


Guess who Ill be calling Monday? 🙂

Comments (2)

  1. Andrew Shugg says:

    My Apple iBook (now sadly deceased) had a battery that needed to be replaced in one of Apple’s battery recall programmes.  The publicity was pretty good, very good actually.  Boo to Toshiba.

  2. Tim Caarson says:

    I have a Tecra A7…only a couple of months old. Luckily, I have a different model number on the ‘puter and on the battery.

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