What’s happening to Qantas??

I fly a lot and I always fly with Qantas. I'm a Platinum flyer with them. Lots of Microsoft Australia staff also fly with them though lately something really bad is happening. Their quality has hit the bottom and things on the aircraft are always broken and staff are always making excuses for it. Why do I say this?

Here's a recent example.

Last week I was in Singapore and was on their new A330-300 aircraft on the way there and the way home. Jeff was also flying Qantas on their 747 service to Singapore. When I got to Singapore, Jeff lamented at the quality of his flight. The in-flight entertainment system was broken, his seat's meal table pulled right out of the seat and clearly wasn't fastened to anything, and worst of all the toilet was flooded with water and flight attendant staff made the comment "that happens all the time". On the way home I had a similar experience with my in-flight entertainment screen not locking into position and flapping free so the staff had to use stickers to hold it in position. I even took a photo of it:

Then this week I flew with them to Sydney. On the way over the in-flight entertainment system broke again on an A330-300 meaning people couldn't select anything and the audio was stuck on loud...I hate to mention that the toilet was also flooded with urine. Glad I had my shoes on.

Last night I flew home - the flight was delayed for "mechanical problems" and so in order to avoid further delays I switched to another flight but several colleagues of mine were still stuck on that one. They were delayed by 3 hours. Again stuff broken on the plane with audio in the in-flight entertainment stuck on mono and broken seats.

Its sad that this great airline is not choosing to make customer satisfaction a top priority. I just hope something is done about it.

Anyone else with experiences like this??

**Updated 16/7 - Changed the last paragraph **

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Okay so folks know that I'm going upside down in November to Wayne's http://www.smbfocus.com conference

  2. I saw the trackback from goodluckwithyourprojects and the author questioned my placement of this post on the TechNet blogs. This blog represents my own experiences and is not representative of Microsoft or its opinions at all – these are my personal opinions. One thing I want to be clear about is theres nothing wrong at all with Qantas’ safety. I definately don’t question that at all as in the 7 years Ive flown regularly with them Ive never had a issue where Ive been genuinely concerned for my safety. Their pilots are exceptionally well trained for all circumstances. Its the reason I only fly with them.

  3. Robert Zolkos says:

    Hi Michael,

    The point I was trying to make re safety was that I hope that the obvious cost cutting that is highlighted in the poor experiences you’ve had of late are not extended to shortcuts with maintenance of safety systems.

    I agree that Qantas’ safety is impeccable – I too fly with them !

    Rob – GoodLuckWithYourProjects

  4. Paul Young says:

    Is this apart from the union rule that says their flight attendents must be old rude women, their seat pitch reduce once each year and their aircraft never be less than 30 years old. Secondhand must be cheap.

    I fly qantas internal, but I prefer Singapore anyday. Virgin has them for service, many other airlines have them for age of equipment and comfort. Devaluing the frequent flyer miles 18mths back was just another nail.

  5. Scott Barnes says:


    Send this to their customer complaints and you’ll get an IOU Business Class upgrade for your troubles.

    If it wasn’t for the Freq Flyer Program I’d be given Qantas the ass. In fact I’m contemplating going Virgin from here on out, and I’ve racked up around 120k in 6 months.. so I’m no average traveller.

    Wonder if I can get Singapore + Virgin Blue rewards to sync up some how heh.

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