Sharing experiences: Dopod C730 with Windows Mobile 6

Its not often that I really like a mobile device. They have either compromised too hard on making it a phone while other models steer right away from that in becoming a PDA. The last one I actually used a lot was the imate SP5 which was a Windows Mobile 5 device. Windows Mobile certainly improved security with an inbuilt policy layer designed to enforce standards like passwords and delivered push email which is something Blackberry has had for ages.

I got one of these Dopod C730's yesterday. Great device - very Blackberry looking in fact but runs Windows Mobile 6. That means extra security and functionality.

One c730thing Windows Mobile 5 didn't have was the ability to set policy on the storage card. Now you can mandate the use of encryption on the storage card so that if it should fall into the wrong hands - you can wipe the device which wipes the encryption key and thus renders the card useless.

I like the fact that HTML email is now supported - rather than converting to plain text and then screwing up all the formatting on replies.

Some people have commented that the buttons are quite small. I'm not tiny and I've found that the buttons are fine. Other things I've noticed are that its quite quick to use and the inbuilt 2 MP camera is actually quite good. The only downside is the scrolling pad on the right hand side is a little sensitive....

The thing that really sells it for me is the 3.5G HSDPA support. Telstra has now released their HSDPA network which means a theoretical limit of 14.4MB though currently enabled for 3.6 MB!! They claim that they intend to make some improvements in 2007 to raise it to its full limit. That means I can use it as a modem with my laptop in areas where I cant access a free WiFi hotspot or ADSL connection. Add to that a 2GB Micro SD storage card and you can effectively download ISO images from the web straight onto your C730....sounds great to me!

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  1. I got one internally given to me so I didnt buy it – not sure if they were bought locally. Ive not seen anything about the Chinese menus at all on mine.

    My C730 looks exactly like the one in the picture there on my blog.

  2. Anonymous says:

    I got handed one of these TyTN II devices a few days ago to show at the Unified Communications tour currently

  3. Yeah the data rate costs arent great from hearsay on the web – though if your business has a  corporate agreement with Telstra (or other 3G providers for that matter) then the cost can be significantly less. And I mean significant!

  4. Anonymous says:

    Todays session on mobility was the best ever! We got to show lots of new Windows Mobile devices like

  5. My battery life hasnt been that bad actually. Mine fired up the first time without any problems and connected straight to the network.

  6. Doug Paice says:

    Absolutely, I got one a few weeks ago, it’s my best phone ever. My only hardware criticism is the battery life isn’t the best. Did yours come with the world wide English ROM? I did a hard reset on mine and spent half an hour going through Chinese menus until I found the language settings. Fantastic device.

  7. Brian H. Madsen says:

    Hey Michael,

    its good to see wireless sleeps going up but i’m still concerned about the data rates that is offered here in Australia.

    I got a bill the other month for $80 for downloads on my imate. total download was: 4.5Mb. i was shocked. Granted i’m not on the new fancy NextG network, but seeing that and then contemplating using it even as a modem is still a scary idea to me.

    or have prices changed dramatically?

  8. Doug Paice says:

    Actually, the non-telstra world is pretty good. Optus is only charging me $30 for 100Mb so that’s not too bad, but if your data usage is very high then 3 is the way to go. $20 for 500Mb upto $40 for 2Gb plus a bunch of stuff (Skype, IM, etc)

  9. Simon says:

    Did you purchase your C730 in Australia? Is it local stock with full local manufacturers warranty?

    Interested to know if the Chinese menu’s after a hard reset occurs on local models.

    Additionally, what colour is your C730? The picture in your blog shows a black face on the C730. I have seen some pictures where the face is a goldish colour. Check out the picture on the following link:

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