Boosting your line sync ADSL

In my last post on this topic I lamented that my line sync performance went down compared to what I got on Westnet to now Optus. Well today I found a handy nugget of information on Whirlpool Forums. Apparently you can adjust your Signal to Noise ratio sensitivity and have a degree of control on the line sync. The only problem is that you cant permanently save it into the router but at least you can squeeze a little bit more performance out of your router.

Mine is a Netcomm NB9W - though many routers with Broadcom chipsets will also be able to do this setting (like Dynalinks for example). Warning: I will not warrant that this works or wont damage your modem or phone line or providers accept the risk ok??


1. Telnet into your router

2. Login to it

3. Check that it has an "ADSL" command and "Configure" property

3. Make the following setting - "adsl configure --snr XX" where XX is a number that you control the SNR ratio.


I initially set it quite high (200) and the sync dropped. So I knew it worked! I then started working down the number list eventually settling on 20. My line sync went up from 3.5MB to 4.7MB. So long as I dont reboot the router it will hold the setting - if the line drops out (which it hasnt so far) the router resync's at this setting.


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