Windows Mobile eLearning

Saw this in my mail today. Free online training for Windows Mobile devices in security and messaging and a bunch of other topics.

Course 5140: Planning Microsoft® Windows Mobile® Infrastructure

Course 5141: Configuring Microsoft® Exchange Server 2003 for Microsoft® Windows Mobile® Devices

Course 5142: Managing and Configuring Microsoft® Windows Mobile® Applications and Devices

Course 5143: Configuring Microsoft® Windows Mobile® Device Network Connectivity

Course 5144: Managing Synchronization Options for Microsoft® Windows Mobile® Devices

Course 5145: Managing Enterprise Security for Microsoft® Windows Mobile® Devices


Updated: 24/5/2007 - I thought this training was free. Since found out through a good piece of comment feedback that it isnt. My apologies!


Comments (3)

  1. Good point – it might pay for me to check the link before I blog it. Will chase up as I thought these were actually meant to be free!

  2. Veselin Nedeff says:

    Hello mkleef,

    I just wanted to thank you about informing me about these courses.

    Best Regards

  3. Studly says:

    Interesting courses but where is the free part ?

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