WADST Exchange CDO Patch finally released!!

IT Pros in WA! Some good news for your day today! We have completed work on the Exchange 2003 CDO patch that will address the current WADST issues. You can call Microsoft Professional Support on 132058 and request the hotfix under KB article number 929895.

At present, applying this patch primarily affects customers that send meeting requests outside their organisation to other organisations. This must be applied to all Exchange servers in your organisation and in other business partner's Exchange Servers to work correctly. It will address Outlook Web Access issues and meeting requests sent outside the organisation. It will also be necessary to apply this patch for the next two years duration of WA's DST trial.

There is also a hotfix for Outlook however, updates for Microsoft Outlook 2003 and 2007 are only required if specialised client-side applications which use the CDO interface to access time zone information are installed on the client PC.  Installation of the Outlook updates should only be performed if problems are observed subsequent to installation of the server update.  To obtain the Outlook hotfixes, call Microsoft Professional Support on 132058.

More information will shortly be posted to the official Australian DST website at: http://www.microsoft.com/australia/technet/timezone/default.aspx 

If youre a Blackberry user (cant understand why you would be but anyway...:) ) then make sure you apply the Blackberry patches otherwise youll still get problems! Get them from:


Any questions or if Im not clear on what it affects please ask me!


Updated: 10am same day with clearer usage information. 

Updated: 29/5/07 Added Blackberry updates


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  1. Yeah I have to say that its pretty poor theres no KB article there yet but at least you can get the patch. Also bear mind the comments of James Davis above that the patch needs to be installed on all servers in your business and if you have to support Blackberry – you must also install their patch…

  2. You need to contact Microsoft Product Supprot on 132058 to get it. The Q article isnt posted to the web yet – though it exists for the hotfix when you call to request it.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Michael Kleef says: "IT Pros in WA! Some good news for your day today! We have completed work on

  4. Try again. Insist that it is there. If that fails please send me an email through this blog and Ill get you in contact with someone who can get it to you.

  5. Its definately still available. What platform were you asking about it for? Exchange 2003 or Exchange 2000?

  6. Ive spent today trying to understand why this is happening. Ive spoken to the Global Tech Support Centre and they tell me the hotfix is there even though the KB article isnt. Ive also made sure that the first level support team on the local support number are aware that the hotfix can be given out even though theres no KB. So try again and we’ll get it to you this time I hope!!

    WRT the Premier Online – that may not be able to see the hotfix as theres no KB article yet. Youll need to call the support number to get it.

  7. ? says:

    Is this actually released?  I still, as of today cannot access KB929895

  8. George says:

    When I tried acquiring the hotfix I was advised the KB929895 was no longer available and I would not be sent the link. Can anyone confirm this is the case? Or did I speak to a Tech who is unaware of the circumstances?

  9. George says:

    That would be for 2003, I haven’t tried calling again but I did try about 2 days after your initial post and got turned away 🙁

  10. Rob says:

    I’ve tried searching the patch via Microsoft Premier Online – no matches for KB929895.  Is this only available via phone support and not downloadable via Premier online?

  11. James Davis says:

    Please note, this patch needs to be applied to ALL servers in the enterprise.  Otherwise there will be inconsistencies.

    One big issue we just encountered was because the patch adds a new version number to exchweb, the front end server would fail to connect to the backend storage without the patch. Easy to fix as long as you’re aware of it. In saying that, the problem hasn’t been consistent.

    I’ve tested this patch in a large enterprise – 50k + users, multiple forests, and too many exchange servers and the above item is the only problem encountered, which is addressed in KB910119.

    This patch resolves the appointments being shown an hour early on the receiving end, much like the OWA KB928462 patch did. There are still some issues when mobile devices (windows mobile & blackberries), remote servers that don’t have the OS level DST update that incorporate the WA DST updates etc, but hey you can’t win them all. Notibly, the single instance meetings appearing an hour early on the recipient end, would only happen when the originating mailserver was EX2k3 Enterprise – If it was sent from Std edition it would be fine (there are some other variables here – EX2k3Ent on W2k3Ent, EX2k3Std on W2k3Std etc)

    Now if only MS can sort out a fix for the above issue in Exchange 2000 Enterprise I’ll be happy.

    James (spent way too much time fixing DST issues due to a certain state government) Davis


  12. Andrew Oakeley says:

    Local support have been very helpful about giving this out over the phone, but there is still no KB article out there, even though the hotfix.txt file that comes with the downloak instructs you to go to http://support.microsoft.com/?kbid=929895 to view the details.

    HoHum… at least you can get it and it seems to work….

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