TechEd 2007 AU and NZ Server Track: Changes

Ive just done a bit more work on the TechEd Server track for AU and NZ. The tough call is going to be which 7 sessions to drop for NZ! If youre in NZ and are coming help me to help you. Tell me the most important ones you'd like to see.

Also in the new cabana session on IIS - Id like to see this include how to do PHP on IIS. So that way you can host all apps, not just ASP.NET ones, on IIS. Your thoughts?

Previous post to refer to the others sessions is here!


Dropped and Replaced

  • Windows Server Virtualisation Drilldown

  • Windows Server Virtualisation Overview and Architecture



(and yes David Mackie - theres a DPM session now 🙂 Was your feedback that did it!)

IIS 7 Diagnostics & Troubleshooting
Ever want to know what's really happening inside your Web server? Like what requests are executing or what AppDomains are loaded in processes? Have you wanted to trace a request but only when it's failing? Come to this session to see how IIS7 is expanding its monitoring & diagnostics capability through features like Runtime Status & Control data that allow you to see not just which worker processes are serving which pools, but also what requests are executing in them and their current state (including what module they're in and how long they've been there!). We'll also be showing you a new feature called Failed Request Tracing that will allow you to configure IIS to trace requests for a specific URL and only flush those trace logs to disk if the request meets a failure condition that YOU define. Want to find out why your clients are hitting 401's? or why a request for a static file is taking WAY too long? Use Failed Request Tracing to view this data. Also covered is how you can instrument new managed modules and capture that tracing in IIS trace logs (like Failed Request Tracing), as well as how to route Page Trace events into IIS trace logs. Come to this session to see how IIS7 is enabling you to finally get under the hood and see what's really happening!

Microsoft System Center Data Protection Manager (DPM) 2007: How to Protect Microsoft Exchange Server
Currently in beta, DPM 2007 is designed to provide a best-of-breed protection and most robust, reliable recovery experience for Exchange Server, SQL Server, and SharePoint. In this session, we focus on the specifics of how DPM protects Exchange, including 2003 servers and 2007 CCR and LCR clusters. We cover specifically how Exchange storage groups and mailboxes are protected and what functionality is available for restore. Be the first to see how DPM 2007 beta 2 protects Exchange and other Microsoft server platforms.

High Availability for physical and virtual environments with Windows Server code named "Longhorn"
Windows Server Code Name “Longhorn” brings together a set of complementary technologies including Windows Server Virtualization, virtual hard disk (VHD) and Failover Cluster to meet the IT needs for highly available deployments. This session will provide an architectural overview of these foundational technologies and features in Windows Server Longhorn, and describe how they integrate with each other to enable migration of virtual machines with minimal impact to the affected business workloads. The talk will also outline the requisite system hardware features for a server to effectively participate in this highly available configuration. It will conclude with a series of observations on IT practicality issues related to these capabilities.

Active Directory Domain Services in Longhorn Server
Active Directory Domain Services in Windows Server Longhorn includes new features and enhancements that are focused around the fundamentals; improved security, reliability, performance, reduced operational complexity, and increased deployment flexibility. The sessions present the Windows Server Longhorn features in Active Directory and discusses how these features will improve the experience around deploying and managing domain controllers. Topics include the Read Only DC and its supported deployment scenarios, restartable AD, delegated promotion, fine grained password policy, Longhorn Domain Mode, disaster recovery and more! These sessions will make heavy use of demos to do deep technical dives on the features.

Building platform remediation with NAP and SCCM 2007
Placeholder for a session to come

Using encryption technologies to help protect assets: the choice for BitLocker and EFS on the server
Placeholder for a session Im hoping Byron Hynes will present 🙂

Possible Cabana session: Microsoft Internet Information Services 7: Shared Configuration for Web Farms
When it comes to Web farms for shared hosting or enterprise, synchronizing your configuration across several nodes is the most important feature that you need. Come learn more about the new IIS7 configuration system that replaces the metabase and how it optimizes Web farm scenarios. Do you want to point your Web server configuration at a central location? Do you want to quickly add new nodes without painful replication and manual tasks? Shared configuration helps you accomplish fault tolerance, load balancing and fail-over. In this talk, we will outline the fundamental new changes and how to turn these features into a great solution.

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