Getting a better sync speed from your ADSL modem

Recently I switched from using WestNet's broadband on ADSL 1 to Optus's ADSL 2+ in the vain hope that I would squeeze a little more sync performance out of my connection. My Netcomm NB9W modem was syncing fairly reliably at 4.3MB on WestNet's 8MB service at a distance of about 4.3 kms. I practically cried when it dropped to 3.1MB when I switched over. How could this be I wondered? So I started looking around for answers...mainly on the Whirlpool Forums

1. Apparently Optus uses a brand of DSLAM that is made by Hua Wei and not the Ericsson/Alcatel units that others like WestNet (Telstra) and IInet use - these are'nt syncing as well with Broadcom based modems (hearsay).

2. They are planning firmware updates that will hopefully improve performance and stability.

3. I tried updating firmware on my modem and plugging into different wall sockets around my house.


So after getting really annoyed with the performance, I called their helpdesk number. After persisting with their irritating voice response system...I finally got through to a person. They tried a few options like putting me on a different profile - that didnt work and made it worse.

Eventually I talked to one guy who said to try bypassing any filters, unplugging all the phones and connect the modem directly into the wall. I got about a 400KB increase - hardly anything revolutionary but better. So I started to plug the phones back in - one at a time and the performance stayed good. So that got me thinking. It must be the ADSL bypass filter that was holding it back. I left the ADSL modem plugged directly into the wall via a standard phone double adaptor. I plugged the phone into the other side with its little ADSL filter....all good still.

Still not happy with the fact it was now only 3.5MB I pursued further.

The NB9W has a whole bunch of options to disable certain ADSL settings. So I switched off ADSL2+ and ADSL 2 and only left G.DMT running which effectively dropped it back to ADSL 1. Hey presto Im now getting 4MB!

At least Im close to what I got before now!

So heres all those in a summary:

  • If youre getting under 8MB anyway for a sync speed manually drop the modem back to ADSL 1 (G.DMT)
  • Dont have the modem connecting through the line filter bypass - have it go directly into the wall socket
  • Update to the latest firmware your modem/router supports - sometimes can help

Hope this helps!

Comments (7)

  1. Can you recommend one thats sync’s well with Optus’s DSLAMs?

  2. Anonymous says:

    In my last post on this topic I lamented that my line sync performance went down compared to what I got

  3. Patrick – is that in a city area? Much of regional Australia has no access at all to broadband. We lag well behind most countries.

  4. sunny says:

    Try getting a new modem kleefy 🙂

  5. PatRick says:

    Try living in USA & only getting 1MB down if you’re lucky.

  6. Al says:

    Have you tried to replace your ADSL filter? I understand your standard ADSL filer will not work well with ADSL 2+. A few comments at Whirlpool Forums were suggesting a filetr from C1 Communications for ADSL2+ connections.

  7. Kamol Sagwan says:

    The OECD has passed judgement on Australia’s broadband in a study calling it among the slowest and most expensive in the world, however, Communications Minister Helen Coonan claims it was a "strong report card" for the nation’s infrastructure.,130061791,339280104,00.htm?feed=rss

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