Yes its TechEd planning time of year again!

This year I'm not running the TechEd content plan for Australia and NZ. The torch has been passed to Andrew Coates and his NZ counterpart Darryl Burling, who are project managing the content and track owners. This year I'm one of those track owners and am running the Windows Server track! So as Ian Yates podcasted me on ITRadio last week talking about TechEd I thought Id better blog something about is my current plan! Again as with the previous two years, please tell me your feedback. I need to know if this is what you want to be knowing more about. Given Longhorn is at beta 3 now and will be even further along by then it kinda makes sense to focus heavily on it. Whats your thoughts? Send a mail to me here or just leave a comment for others to see and lets get a discussion going.


How Windows Longhorn Server Impacts IT Infrastructure
This session is intended for IT implementers, planners and architects who are evaluating or planning for Windows Longhorn Server to be a part of their infrastructure.  This session will address the core features of Windows Longhorn Server and how they impact the design of IT Infrastructure.  Technologies such as Server Core, Virtualization, Terminal Services Remote Programs, Terminal Services Gateway, Network Access Protection, Security and Policy Enforcement will be discussed not only in the context of how they function, but how they allow you to create a more functional core infrastructure.  The seven core technical scenarios, Branch Office, Server Management, Application Anywhere, Security and Policy Enforcement, Server Virtualization, Web and Application Platform, and High Availability, will be explored.  At the end of this session, you will have a great level of insight into not only the new technologies and capabilities of Longhorn Server, but into how these items translate into improved IT infrastructure. 

A Lap around Microsoft Identity Lifecycle Manager "2"
Want to know the future of identity lifecycle management? This session will take you there, showing how Microsoft Identity Lifecycle Manager2 will build on your existing investments in Windows and Office to give you the control you need over access to Windows and your enterprise systems. We'll tell you how we are designing the product to accommodate the identity lifecycle specific to your enterprise, and show you how you will soon be managing credentials, user information, resource access and policies with this new technology.

Microsoft Internet Information Services 7 and Microsoft Windows Web Server Codenamed "Longhorn" for IT Professionals
Be one of the first to take a look at all the changes coming in the new redesigned IIS 7 and Windows Web Server “Longhorn”. This session will focus on new troubleshooting features, a breakdown of architecture and security improvements and the new IIS 7 configuration system. We will also walk through some demos showcasing IIS delegation administration control to non-administrators and new diagnostics tools. Also featured are the entirely new User Interface (UI) and configuration system.

Branch Office Solutions in Microsoft Windows Server Codename "Longhorn"
Windows Server Longhorn has been developed with a clear focus on the IT requirements of branch offices. New integrated features and functionality within Windows Server “Longhorn” will allow administrators to deliver far more secure, far more reliable, and far more cost effective IT services to remote office locations. This session will present specific improvements that have been made in Window Server “Longhorn” to address a variety of branch office scenarios. Topics covered will include: Read Only Domain Controller (RODC), Server Backup, Distributed File System – Replication (DFS-R), Server Core, BitLocker, and more.

Microsoft Windows Server Codename “Longhorn” Deployment Overview: Applying Business Desktop Deployment 2007 Tools to Server Deployment
Windows Server “Longhorn” deployment will leverage many of the core concepts and tools provided in Business Desktop Deployment 2007 and extend those to Windows Server "Longhorn." The new accelerator will offer comprehensive role-based guidance for all phases of deployment, aligned to IT Service Management best practices. It will also take advantage of new deployment features in System Center Configuration Manager 2007. This session will introduce you to the differences between Windows Server 2003 and Windows Server 2000 deployment and what is in store from the Solution Accelerators Team for automating Windows Server "Longhorn" deployment.

Server Core: Running a Minimal Server
Server Core is a new minimal installation option included in Longhorn Server. A Server Core installation provides a minimal environment for running specific server roles Active Directory (AD), Active Directory Lightweight Directory Services, Domain Name System (DNS), Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP), WINS, Media Services, Print and File, reducing the servicing and management requirements and the attack surface for those server roles. In this session, we will discuss the reasons we are developing Server Core, the architecture of Server Core, as well as installation, configuration and administration of Server Core.

Scaling out Excel calculations using MOSS 2007 and Windows Compute Cluster Server 2003
Excel is used as calculation engine by over 450M+ users. Excel Services part of Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007 can be integrated with Windows Compute Cluster Server to provide an enterprise wide solution for improved spreadsheet performance and reliability. The combined solution provides a scalable and secure way for off-loading the long running calculations to a Windows Compute cluster. In this session we'll examine these three scenarios - Offloading analytical library calculations, Scheduling overnight risk calculations and Scaling out Monte Carlo iterations/parametric sweeps.

Windows PowerShell: The Future of Server Administration
Windows PowerShell is Microsoft's next generation command line scripting solution which combines the interactivity of KSH or BASH, the programmability of Perl or Ruby and the production-orientation of AS400 CL or VMS DCL. Come and learn about the basic capabilities of Windows PowerShell as an interactive shell environment and a rich scripting engine and how it can be used to highlight and exploit the manageability improvements in Windows Server "Longhorn".

Windows Server "Longhorn" Terminal Services: Configuration Walkthrough
This session will cover the new terminal services enhancements that will be added to Windows Server "Longhorn." Terminal Services Gateway will be discussed to talk about securing terminal services access into the environment along with terminal services remote programs, SSO, and PNP device redirection. There will be demonstrations and best practices discussed in this session.

Windows Server Virtualisation Drilldown

No abstract as yet

Microsoft Windows Server Network Policy Server Fundamentals: Implementing NAP
The Network Policy Server (formerly known as Internet Authentication Services (IAS)) is a core component of a number of networking and security solutions. These include secure wireless, VPN, and Network Access Protection. This session covers NPS fundamentals such as the product architecture, policy management, deployment planning, and on-going operations. Live demonstrations will be used extensively to illustrate key concepts and advanced troubleshooting.

Up-close and personal with Virtual Machines and SCVMM
Whatever your calling may be, dev or it pro, chances are really quite good, that Virtual Machines will soon be part of everyday life – or maybe they are already? System Centre Virtual Machine Manager (SCVMM) can help you get on top of all the aspects of your Virtual Machine Lifecycle.  If you have ever been faced with the tough questions like “Where is my VM”, “Who created that VM and why”, “Which VM is slowing down the server", this session is for you. You could visit to see list of features.  Or a much better idea, you could roll your sleeves up, join Andrew Dugdell, our MVP for Virtual Machines and see this no-nonsense demo packed session.  

Windows Server Virtualisation Overview and Architecture

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Ive just done a bit more work on the TechEd Server track for AU and NZ. The tough call is going to be

  2. Anonymous says:

    The Short NAP is a (semi-regular) quick list of Microsoft Network Access Protection and Server/Domain

  3. Luke Notley says:

    Great to see Dugie at TechED again this year, yeeeeahar!

  4. David Mackie says:

    Agree with the Dugie Sentiment best sessions of ANY KIND I’ve been to in three years.

    What about System Center Data Protection Manager 2.0 didn’t poll huge with things for my user group but I think it is way cool. Exchange Brick level restore SANS Brick level backup how cool is that!!!!!

    If I wanted Centro sessions whould I lobby in with the SBSers?

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