Running PHP on IIS 7.0

Ive been hearing some stuff lately that we're working to make sure that PHP can be hosted on IIS 7.0. This had me really interested as usually when PHP apps are hosted its on a LAMP stack. After all PHP is (generally) the P in LAMP! Why run PHP on Windows? The problem for web hosters is the incremental cost of hosting your application. For every server they have they need to manage it. If they have multiple platforms it costs money to have different admins managing different infrastructure. The value of hosting PHP on Windows means that a single platform can host not only ASP.NET but also PHP and CGI for that matter. That saves money and brings their hosting costs down! So I started looking around for some more information on how its done - apparently we worked with Zend on building a FastCGI platform that can host PHP apps aswell. Its a module you install on the IIS box. The best thing is that its not limited to just IIS 7.0 but also IIS 6.0 too! Check out the Technical Preview of it for yourself!

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