Insanely long URL’s – ARRGGHH – Heathrow Airport’s website’s a winner!

Im about to take some long over due leave and Im flying my wife and I to Athens. Should be great fun!

Given I have to go a bit earlier for some work first, my wife is flying a little later and she's never been to Europe. So Im making a bit of a journey map/itinerary for her so she knows what to expect and where to go. Isnt that nice of me? 🙂

Anyhow - Im on the Heathrow website and cutting/pasting links for maps and helpful stuff. I cut this monster out:^bde597dc2eb12010VgnVCM100000147e120a____^473797dc2eb12010VgnVCM100000147e120a____^f8454bd3e2522010VgnVCM100000147e120a____^4517b854ab522010VgnVCM100000147e120a____^7108aaf1ae522010VgnVCM100000147e120a____^c048aaf1ae522010VgnVCM100000147e120a____

Dear goodness - what is going on here? Why the insanely long URL? Yuck! And developing in JSP too...Isnt that somewhat old these days anyway? 🙂 Netcraft says its running Apache on Solaris so you cant blame the app server. Can anyone beat it?

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