Security and Management Seminars – Melbourne and Sydney

Some news hot off the press! In April we intend to run a two city Security and Management Seminar as discussed previously on my blog. We are going to also run some of the other content I talked about in a smaller format in May. So anyhow if youre in Sydney or Melbourne then take a look at the website here to register.

Comments (3)

  1. I hear you Thommo. We do plan to do a smaller event with different content for the other states. Out of this content though, what is it that you would want to see?

  2. thommo says:

    What about Perth????

  3. thommo says:

    the NAP/NAC session; Systems Centre Sessions: Security, Exchange, Asset Mgt; Enterprise Softgrid architecture.

    Last time he was over Andy McMurray did indicate that if their was enough interest a gig in Perth could get off the ground. Who do I need to mass email??? lol

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