WADST – New Updates to the Website

Hey all - theres been some updates go live recently to the WADST website. New in there is information on the cumulative February rollup, the SharePoint 2003 patch release and other bits and pieces.

We're still waiting on the Exchange patch - thats currently slated for April but the good news is that it will cover us for the next two years given those dates were different from the rushed first year of the trial.

Any questions or concerns - as usual send a comment!

Comments (7)

  1. Are they seeing this behaviour immediately during the DST period or post DST revert back?

  2. Sorry for the delay Bodo!!

    The bug fix isnt going to take two years – the next patch released "soon" will cover WA for the next two years of the trial.

  3. Paul/Tim – this is a known issue due again to that fact that the Windows clients running Outlook and the Exchange server itself has knowledge of DST time except CDO doesnt as the table hasnt been updated. Two choices:

    1. Uninstall or switch off the tickbox for DST for WA on evey machine.

    2. Wait a short period for patches to be released for the next two years that will address the problem.

    Sorry for the delay – I wanted to be able to tell you that everything was ready and fixed but its not yet.

  4. Gavin Rogers says:

    "Because DST commenced on a different day in 2006 compared to 2007/8, some products needed to be updated twice: once for the 2006 commencement date and a second time for the 2007/8 commencement date."

    Michael, If you can convince the powers that be that getting a unified time zone system that works across a number of years and across all products, I’d be a very happy bloke.

    (Hint: Zoneinfo 🙂 )

  5. Tim Melsom says:

    Our tests are showing that appointments are still an hour out, this time for the maker of the appointments and not the recipient. Is this expected behaviour.

  6. Paul Whitfield says:

    During DST the appointments were gaining an hour in each hop (Organiser to attendee = +1 hour. Attendee responds to organiser and response comes back as accepted for original time +2 hours). My tests show that now (post DST) the reverse is happening. Appointments are losing an hour on every hop. I have not installed any Exchange patches at the end that I control, only Windows patches, but I am not sure of the status of the other end. Exch2003 SP1 at my end. Exch2003 at other end (SP level unknown).

  7. Bodo says:

    Michael, you wrote: "2. Wait a short period for patches to be released for the next two years that will address the problem."

    What do you define as a short period? 2 years??? Do I misunderstand?

    If we waited 2 years to implement a bug fix, we would be out of the business after a really short period…

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