WDS for WinXP

Grant Holliday asked me for it so here it is! He wanted to know how to use WDS to capture a Windows XP image.

The process is essentially the same as Vista although with the Vista image it can be used on any type of hardware - with the WinXP image its kinda bound to the hardware you created it on. You sysprep your image aswell using the support tools and off you go. I created two videos for it. The first one was how you capture the WinXP image - as I finished it I realized that I needed to do another one to show how to create the WDS Capture image in order to be able to capture the Windows XP image! Hence the reason for the second one. Theres another option to creating a capture image - as you boot in WDS from a PXE client and youre presented with the "Welcome to WDS screen" - hit Shift+F10. That will launch a command line where you can run wdscapture.exe - this essentially launches the UI you see in my first video here.



Video: WDS for WinXP


Video: How to create a WDS Capture

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  1. Thanks Michael! For somebody who has never seen/used WDS before these blogcasts are very useful.


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